How do you keep yourself motivated and consistent with your workouts and diets?

Antonieta E.
Well, for exercise, I try to do something right after that I find rewarding. For me it is meditation(just a quick 5 min) to bring my heart rate back down. For you it may be a nice smoothie. As for diets, they don't work because you see them as a temporary thing until you lose weight. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to not diet, change your eating habits permanently. Don't restrict yourself, cutting out all of your favorite foods will lead to failure everytime. Instead add things to your diet. More fruit, more veggies, more whole grains. The more good things you add to your eating habits the less you will want to eat the unhealthy foods. After making my eating habits healthier a year ago I find now that overly processed foods like twinkies now make me sick, I got spoiled on real food.

Manuel C.
Positive reinforcement and a support network. The hardest part for me is accountability. I cut breaks to everyone, even myself. Having a group of friends to keep you accountable makes consistency a lot easier. After a couple of weeks, it becomes second nature to me. I am a creature of habits, after all.

Alberte C.
5 can think make your bed second rule by time you count to 5 just get up before you can think , then before you can think make your bed (you won’t want to mess it up for 15 min longer) then you start thinking you only have 5 seconds to wash up and 5 more for make up BEFORE you get coffee . Then you sit and realize how much you have done ! Cheers to you!!!

Cory Z.
I just have fun working out and I feel healthy and I feel stronger, diets sometimes help me feel good and I sometimes eat unhealthy food but not all the time you know? 😅

Christian Z.
In struggle to keep the motivation, tend to forgot the bigger picture easily and succumb to the immediate desire. When I am on track I usually focus on what I would like to look like, how healthy I would like to be, and also the number on the scales as a bit of a deterrent. Almost disgust myself with that figure.

Alison E.
I just do my best and do let my self get in the way of consistently trying, even if that means I miss a day or even a week for some reason. I don’t beat myself up and get back to it. Also I don’t diet coz diets are whack.

Bradley J.
I feel more energetic and lighter when I have a good diet and exercise. Sustaining this energy and avoidance of feeling heavy keeps me motivated. I also feel more mentally stable and have a sense of control when I maintain my ritual of diet and exercise.

H Lo Se Y.
I’m not that great at it. I just try and remind myself that I feel better when I exercise and eat well. One day at a time.

Alison E.
To be honest I’m bad at consistency. For workouts I just promise myself music and for diets I think it’s better to prep beforehand so you don’t make spontaneous choices when you’re hungry

Alison E.
I am a morning person so get my workouts done first thing when I wake up so they’re out of the way and I’m less likely to put it off. But mostly I try to remember the reason why I am making these changes in my life and how much better I will feel when I am consistent with them, and that thought keeps me motivated to keep it up. Hope this helps! 🙂

Savannah A.
Everyone is motivated by different things. I find my own success to be incredibly motivating. I tell myself that the beginning (of a workout, or of starting habits) is always the hardest. But once I do it consistently for a week or so and start feeling abetter, that becomes motivation in and of itself.

Tobias N.
When it comes to this part of my life I take pride in my health, and feeling good physically. I am a consistent gym goer, yogi, and runner also, and I believe this is my area of strength making it easier for me to get it done because I'm already inclined to work out.

Mathew W.
Sometimes I feel that all this is not important and I should stop doing it, but then I remember that I want to be the better of me. Also, I’m going to have a little sibling and I want he/she to see my routines so he/she can do it too (obviously when he/she grow up)

Lia Q.
Mixing your workout, my favorites are the 1min start , 7min scientifically proven workout and the core workout. Once I found these exercises routines on the app I have been celebrating each time I do them as part of my morning routine. With diet preparation a head of time is definitely a key factor.

Julian E.
Preplanning as much as possible has been really helpful for me. I take Sunday to do meal planning and preparing as much food as I can (particularly breakfast and whichever foods I need to take to work).
As for motivation, remembering why you started this journey is helpful. What made you think about improving your habits? Why did you download this app? What is your end goal? Remind yourself that all these small steps add up to something amazing in a short time!

Kelly F.
I make sure I have time for myself and that I have good sleep and that I drink alot of water and I try to find something that I'm interested in 🙂

Gabin P.
Make your breakfast and lunch at least the night before. This helps maintain a consistent diet. Also, consider overnight oats for breakfast. I use extra milk in mine so the consistency is liquid enough to drink quickly while meditating about my day.

Scott F.
Because that’s how I always saw my future self, and if I don’t start working for it now, I’ll never reach that version of myself and I cannot have that. I was never consistent with working out and I’m yet to be, but I love how energetic and different I feel and that is what keeps me going. Also keeping a to-do list of the stuff you want to do really helps if – like me – you always feel the urge to cross stuff out! I hope I’ve answered your question well enough x good luck and GET WORKING AND KEEP UP

Margitta S.
I don’t think I do keep myself motivated and consistent, yet anyways. Everyday I set goals to do things and on some days I do them and on other days I don’t. I try to reinforce the things I do accomplish and I self-evaluate when I don’t .

Alison E.
I think of my "why" and let that be my motivator. My "why" is the reason I am working out and eating nutritiously. Be it for looking good, increasing energy, boosting mood or maintaining health, I let that reason drive me.

Damien E.
Just think about becoming a better self if your workout and diet are done then your advancing and becoming better than yesterday

Fabio E.
It’s hard but you have to decide whether you value yourself enough to make yourself a priority. It also helps to remove excuses. I have workout equipment at home in case I am unable to get to the gym. As far as diet goes I find it’s easier to just find something you will stick to. For me that means not restricting any particular macronutrient. Just eat balanced meals and portions and it gets easier over time. And when you do fall off track, just dust it off and keep moving. Don’t wallow in it.

Don B.
I track my time and check down each activity to evaluate my time and progress. I make the consistency visible with trello, time logger and fabulous. I simply track my time. And above of all I treat it as a long-time challenge even if I don't have a clear goal. I have a contraction goal, but according to this I treat it as a vision for greater and better life with more control, ease, fullfilment and inner peace. And joy. And health!

Cleusa B.
I'm having difficulties on this topic. To be honest my main motivation is to get a better life and to show something better to my son than what I learned from my parents example.
I want to be proud of who I am and what I am doing it can give me a great boost.

Of course, I'd like to study, get a better job, so I can make more money, have a less stressful life, but without the main things… it's just rubbish.

That would be all for now.

Charlotte P.
I already had these routinesimplemented in my life. But this app keeps me more consistent and motivated to move forward and do it. Also curiosity what will be the next.

Vincent Q.
Well this app has certainly helped me by making these goals like an adventure! You can also make sure everything you need is right there for you. Get a workout mat and put it under your bed. When you wake up, it’ll be right there for you (along with your water). Dieting is the hard one because of the expense that comes with it, and the time commitment to buying the food. If time is the issue here, I’d recommend getting food delivered from services like Freshly.

Diva Z.
I remember all the times I tried and failed and I don’t allow myself to do it again. It is all about the will power and telling yourself you can do it.

Arcanjo W.
Fabulous motivates me greatly, but I also use My Fitness Pal to track my food and I'm trying Sworkit for my workouts at the moment. There is a reminder alarm set for the morning, and I am able to set my fitness level and length of workout between 15-30 minutes. I'm new to fabulous and out of shape, so I'm using beginner 15 minute workouts. Still makes me sweat and I feel it the next day.

Holly F.
With diets, the easiest way to eat healthy is by only buying healthy food for the house, so when you open the fridge you don’t even have a choice of unhealthy foods.
With working out, spend some money on a work out mat and have it in your room, then every morning make your bed and do a short workout to start your day. The mat is already there so you might as well.

Noe Z.
To remind my self to stop laziness.
I am born to be successful!!
My mantra wants to get rich, the first thing is to discipline and consistent.

Billy P.
If I want to love myself, then I need to be constant, sincere, kind, and motivating, just like I would be to my best friends.

Rosane F.
By working out every day I will feel healthier, happier and have more energy. It’s an easy thing to do that will give more quality to my life!

Anne N.
I actually really struggle with motivation, but what helps me is doing the task before I give myself a chance to overthink it. If that doesn't work, I think about how the task will help me improve myself so that I can be a better friend, partner, and generally a better person. I also try to relate it to things I'm passionate about and truly know I want to improve in. So I like it do synopsis stuff so if it helps you, great.
1. Don't think, just do.
2. How will this improve my relationships by working on myself?
3. How does this relate to what I love to do?

Kate J.
You set a time for workout and never miss it. As for diet just keep food in your house that's in compliance with your diet. Also the exercise can be something that you really enjoy like swimming. But if you just generally hate exercising and love for example music and your Spotify Playlist don't allow yourself to listen to any music unless you do so during the time you exercise

Nicole J.
I don't consistently right now but it's ok. Baby steps, effort, and knowing it's going to come together. I can only take it one day at a time.

Ricky T.
I have seen a successful person told me directly that habits changed his life. Therefore I decided to create good habits and decrease bad habits.

S L Na Y.
I just always put my goal infront of me everywhere on my desk , bathroom and the living room , because of this i always remember what i should do and what i wants to do

Douglas Q.
I make myself track what I've done. If I have messed up a day, I don't just go "oh well start fresh tomorrow!" I log what I've eaten (even if I'm double my calorie goal) so I know where I am and what my trigger points are. For exercise, I set myself challenges- at the moment, my goal is to be able to run from our house down to the beach and back – around 3 miles very hilly on the way back. Okay, 3 miles isn't a lot, but I cant even run 1 mile yet, so it's a good goal to have.

Mari C.
I find things that I like to do and eat. For example, I love dancing and so I dance to music or follow along with YouTube dance workouts. I also really love blueberries and so I eat them daily.

Ewald O.
I always pressure myself to visualize the feeling i get after the workout. I am not so very good with dieting but workouts always leave me feeling in control and that feeling is like an addiction for me. I like myself better and feel like i did something for ME.

Regino I.
I pay attention to how they make me feel! Eating well, exercising and stretching makes me feel better, stronger, more awake and when I have a day where I eat good that isn’t good for me or skip exercise I feel the difference, I feel more tired and likely to end up on the couch. That’s a pretty good motivator to get back to the habits.

Henry W.
Motivation is sometimes overrated. Don't rely on it, make what's important to you nonnegotiable in your mind, I.e part of your habitual activity, like brushing teeth every day or not eating meat if you're a vegetarian.
The same way you dont need to motivate yourself every time you brush your teeth or choose your meal, you dont need to motivate yourself to complete your important activities.
I've made running and exercising non negotiable so just accept it's happening.
However if something crops up and I cant do it I'm ok with it and resume the following day.
You only need motivation once when you decide what's important and why, after that it needs to become automatic and habitual, not reliant on motivation.
It's not easy but it's simple to put in place and totally doable.
Good luck.

Adalbert U.
I choose a workout type I really like, schedule about 10-20minutes in my calendar daily, and count 21 days until it's complete.

Dave Z.
Having a clear objective at the end with an specific deadline, the detail is that the deadline is an event that we can not move like a family reunion

Beatrice Z.
well, found out I want to work out with Daniel so it will be easier if I stopped smoking, start working out and eating better as it is a huge part of his life

Astrid O.
First, be consistent with the time you start and end your workouts. This way, your mind and body are ready to go when that time comes. Also, shorter but intense workouts are far much easier to commit to as opposed to long dragged out ones. Good luck

Keith N.
I find the biggest demoralizer for me is when I wake up late and feel like I've wasted my morning- and still have to keep my new diet/exercise routine up. I just force myself to get up and do it even though I feel this way. I'll choose a ten minute exercise instead of my preferred half hour one, choose a banana and apple instead of my favorite eggs – this is also a good deterrent from getting up late, because I still have to do the routines but I can't do the ones I like. You dont always feel motivated, but you can feel that way again if you maintain your routines while you're getting back on the horse, sort of speak:)

Dayane O.
Start making small changes that are easy and manageable. It’s more important to build healthy habits and Routines. For example, I started out only working out in-eight minutes Increments twice a day. Doing arm exercises and swimming.. Some days that’s all I had time for and others-half the battle is just getting there doing it and may work out 25 minutes or more.