How do you increase your self-discipline and not check emails as frequently during deep work?

Casimiro P.
I close my email do that I don't get notifications. I turn my phone on silent.when I first started deep work I would have a notepad nearby where I could write down anything that distracted me so I wouldn't forget, but could look into it later after the deep work session. Now most of the time I don't even notice when the deep work session ends and do focused work for longer periods of time.
Alena C.
Checking emails is a choice. You have to choose wisely. Make it a point to only check three times a day if you are at work.
Alexis A.
For me it's easy as I just don't like emails or phone calls or any messages interrupting my work. So I have my phone muted and all communicators silenced as well. I check them every two pomodoros.