How do I maintain a routine/habit on a day when I just don’t feel like it?

Leonel Z.
I've struggled with this. I've been keeping my habits to 2 or 3, so I dont have too many. When I don't feel like it, I push through and force myself. The longer you do them consistently, the easier it gets and you look forward to it. Make sure you are rewarding yourself as well….celebrate your success!!!
Perry J.
To maintain a routine/habit on a day when you don't feel like it.. you just have to close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths, think about how you have a task to complete and what are the steps you are gonna take to finish that task and the moment you open your eyes, immediately fall upon the routine or habit you are supposed to do.
Also, it's okay to be distracted when doing your routine as long as it doesn't require all of your attention but if it does, then eliminate all distractions and then begin your routine.

For the long term, set a minimal amount of work to be done daily and then always do more than that amount. If on some days you really really don't feel like doing it, then do only the minimal amount you've set for yourself. That way, you won't have skipped your routine and continue with your habit formation.

Hope this helps!

Noah P.
I usually keep little candies near where my last item will be. These are ONLY for me IF I accomplish my morning routine (which I find the most difficult to be motivated for). I also only put on the routine the very basics that I WANT to do, and moved the rest to other routines (I can meditate later, getting up and moving is more important). I also use written to do lists concurrently with this app, being able to check actually check a box or scratch off something that was frustrating to do (e.g. cleaning the bunny cage) helps. Remembering to reward myself if I accomplish the entire list, by looking in the mirror and telling myself something like 'good job, you're freaking awesome' sounds cheesy, but helps with the next days motivation, because I want to feel that accomplishment again. It's always small steps, but unless I'm sick, I try to do my entire list, because I know myself, if I give myself an excuse to not do it one day, it'll eat at me for at least a week to give up, just do something else, why bother, until I give up completely or beat that negativity with a bat and push on. It's so much simpler to just do the routine 😊
N Dege Q.
If you dont feel like doing the new habit then do something else that is healthy that you do want to do. Because then your doing something… and that is better then nothing.
Mar P.
You have to think about how continuing towards your goal will better you in the future. It might not seem like it now but missing that one day can turn into a habit and you’ve just lost all your progress. If it’s a really bad day you don’t have to give it your all but don’t skip over it.