How do I know whether I am really disconnected from the technology when I am really sorrounded by them? (I leave my mobile for 1 hour daily from 7PM to 8PM)

Kasper Z.
Dear writer, the technological environment in which we live can be frightening, I share this fear with you sometimes. Maybe you can think about how much this is an issue for you, and act accordingly. If this is really a big issue, there have to be big decisions. For example: If you live in a building with a big receiver-transmitter disk on top, if it’s within your means, you can move ( big decision). A small thing you can do is expand the time when your phone is offline, or maybe at night switch off your house-WiFi-transmitter… Good luck!
Verena E.
I have a similar issue in my home. I'm surrounded by game systems, TVs tablets and phones. I live with my girlfriend. little brother and his girlfriend. We all have different schedules and keep different hours. I come at this issue with the mind set that I'm going to disconnect as best I can without forcing others to adhere to my schedule and life choices. I set an alarm every night and from that time on I dont use any social media, tv or games. I listen to music through my headphones, catch up on podcasts, or read. In the modern age we're living in it becomes harder to completely unplug, so just unplug what you can and try to avoid the rest.
Perry F.
I have my phone on silent and only check for messages or calls when I have free time. I don’t let the phone rule my life…
Ritthy Z.
You’re disconnected for one hour though the idea is to disconnect say the hour before bed. Your goal is to get work, emails and texts from your environment so you have time to wind down before bed. That’s the point of disconnecting. Doing at the time you are doing is great and keep it up but add the hour before bedtime and no looking just as you get into bed.
Cecil T.
I would say what are you focused on and interacting with. If it involves TV, phone, computer, or other audio/visual device then you most likely aren't disconnected. Ultimately it depends upon what you define as technology and your intent of disconnecting.
Dale O.
If you don't interact with the technology tou are indeed disconnected. Whrn I disconnect, my phone is awai, my laptop is closed, TV off. I rrad a book, o some yoga, drink a cup of tea then go to sleep.
Amber Z.
To me, it counts as long as you are not using / watching any digital screens. E.g. it is okay to listen to music (preferably peaceful ones during disconnected-period.) No one usually calls me and my messaging apps do not make any sound, if it is not the case for you, perhaps it is also a good idea to set them silent.
L O O.
Hi I think when you are truly disconnected you will stop wondering about how disconnected you are. Putting your phone aside for one hour is a great start though. Good job!
Fred A.
I think you’ll know you’re on the right track when you don’t feel as attached to your phone and you’re not constantly distracted from daily tasks by your phone
Amanda G.
I switch off computer 1-2 hours before sleep or /and no more games before sleep. Try book instead or singing mantras or meditation.
Nicklas P.
I guess it all depends on how your feeling during that 1 hour period. Where you are away from this distraction and can focus on other things that have an important role in your life. This can alter depending on you and remember that they don't have to be major important actions it can be doing a simple task.
Klaus C.
To me, to be disconnected and unplugged goes hand in hand with darker, quieter, cooler. You switch off or put your or or put all devices and put them out of sight and reach. I do this, put on some music, and turn off all the lights apart from my music centre off, make a cup of tea or hot toddy, have a smoke, the got to bed. It's all bout the ritual. I make sure to start the ritual appropriately half hour before bed.
Caroline W.
At the most time we live in a modern society which is surrounded by technology, and it is normal. The thing is to create a space where you can feel free and being not distracted by any of devices. Just it.
Tyrone B.
I think the main point of disconnecting is take your mind of the mobile devices. Don't think about social media, or the messagees, emails you have to send or maybe to check. I would advise to putbyour phone on the airplane mode at night and 1 hour before you go to bed. This way you will be really disconnected. And try to read some real books, even just for entertainment – this will help to break the habit
Delores F.
When you stop worrying about technology around you and don’t get compelled to check your devices . It means that you can disconnect at specific time from the devices.