How can I stop blaming myself if I miss a workout or eat something that is bad for me?

Brad F.
Honestly I'd say by picking yourself up and going the extra mile because no matter how many times we fall , all that matters is that one time we choose to get up
Luisa E.
By imagining that you're talking to your friend, would you blame them for missing a workout? Maybe you would have a more gentle aproach, such as telling them they are human, things like that happen to all of us and it's fine that they don't follow it perfectly, just trying it's okay, well it's the same for you, you gotta be your own best friend in this journey! And perhaps try new exercises or new foods(even weird ones), or other ways to make those habits enjoyable for you! 🙂
Rebecca G.
The most important thing you can realize is that one “unhealthy” or “bad” action won’t ruin, redetermine, or even affect your healthy lifestyle. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and just make sure you continue to build good habits. Don’t be afraid to mess up once in a while—we’re human, we make mistakes.
Ania N.
try to catch up… i mean when you eat too much, just eat less for the rest of the day, when you didn’t workout just try to do it tomorrow. Tomorrow try to be a better person than you are today and don’t forget that the essential thing to keep going is to find your very own motivation and no matter what are you doing no matter where are you, that thought in your mind should keep you going and improving yourself, i got you. I had problems with blaming myself as well, i have even starve myself for eating too much unhealthy food. don’t do it, just try to change your habits and try to show yourself that you can achieve everything and your organism can’t stop you, you own the body, not the body own you <3
Rahul P.
Firstly I want to say please don't blame yourself for anything. Rom was not built in one day. Change is a slow process and for this you need power. If you blame yourself you will do decrease your soul power. So it's my request please stop blaming. Piece
Wei W.
Assigning blame to self or others will not solve a problem. A better solution would be to analyse the situation, and take the necessary steps/ resources to reach your goal. Remember that the original plan you chose was for your own betterment. Thusly, continue making the best choices for your own well-being. Choose growth and self love over blame. This is just another hurdle in life. Arise.
Katrina F.
acknowledge that you are human and that you are at least trying. begin again, and keep trying over and over again. you'll get there eventually
Sofia C.
Its not me its my mental illness. I can't keep blaming myself for things I can't control, i know its hard to get motivated but i still need to keep trying.
Shy T.
Realize that missing a workout isn't always a bad thing. Count how many workouts you've done this week and go from there.

Just enjoy the food you've chosen and think about the next meal. There's always next time to do better.

But above all, think progress, not perfection.

Lloyd A.
“Tomorrow is a new day,,, you can do better tomorrow **claps hands** yes😌” is what I tell myself every time I do something that I made a ‘mistake’ on
Tristan Z.
You can not blame your self for the little times you mess up you have to understand that sometimes you just get off track but as long as what you doing is more good then bad it’s okay to get off track sometimes.
Jashreen F.
By understanding that missing a work out is fine, and it was probably worth it so that your body can rest. Easier said than done though. Because I have that trouble as well
Nessiah Q.
By telling yourself it's ok and that you can just continue on your exercises and by setting a reminder for yourself to exercise and to try and eat healthier
Sara O.
Trusting yourself and loving yourself are long and complicated journeys, there's no miraculous secret to succeed in this paths. Blaming yourself if you do something considered "bad" for yourself is a completely normal thing. With workouts, you may think "If I skip a workout I'll lose every progress I made in this period of time" or "If I skip this won't be a productive day". The actual truth is that the reasons of why you are skipping that single workout matter. If you're sick, if you have others appointments or things to do during the day, if you're not feeling it today. It all matters. The thing is being consistent with working out doesn't mean to have to work out every single day, is simply putting time in yourself while remembering why you started and why you're doing this. For eating it's a different thing but even this is all based on what kind of mindset you have. Try shifting to our mindset by stop labelling foods as good or bad but you can refer to them as more or less nutritious or you can base your "judgement" on what a certain leaves you feeling. Of course for your health is better to eat those foods with more vitamins and nutrients but eating, for example, a burger once in a while is not going to do anything to your health. Prioritize those foods which leave you feeling great and energised but remember that EVERY type of food is fuel, not only the ones "good" for your health. Everything we think about ourselves is strictly based on what kind of mindset we have. Try reading books or studies, in general, document yourself to how to have a "better" mindset.
Victoria R.
Be patient with yourself. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Nobody is perfect and it’s natural to make some mistakes. I find it best to reflect on how each day has gone and how I can improve the next day. It’s completely okay to indulge or miss a workout once in a while. You’ve got this!
Erc Lio S.
you should probably admit it and understand the reasons you eat something bad, be kinder too yourself it’s the way you choose to get better
Beatrice P.
You are a human; you mess up sometimes. just as we wouldn’t get mad at a friend for doing something wrong, we should not get mad at ourselves for messing up. The important thing is to give your body a break when it needs it(bc we all need breaks sometimes)
Jeanne N.
Honestly, SOME blame is good as it keeps you accountable and that guilt makes you not want to miss that workout again. But, you need to go easy on yourself as well. If you notice the blame is making you feel bad about yourself then ask why you did it in the first place. Was it you rewarding yourself? Was it harder to resist because you were at a party? Or was it because you were tempted? Find the root of WHY you gave in and determine one of the two: was it a good enough reason or are you restricting yourself too much? Long lasting changes are made when they are small and slowly and gradually increase. If you decide one day that you’re never gonna eat anything sweet ever again, you’re almost destined to break that. If you start off with a plan with allowing yourself to eat sweets on a certain amount of days of the week, it is much easier to achieve which gives you hope that you can achieve it, which keeps you motivated and not overwhelmed. It all starts with your goal being realistic. A really good way to make goals is by using the S.M.A.R.T. method. S- specific, M- measurable, A- attainable/achievable, R- relevant, T- time-based. Make your goal specific so that you have no way of making excuses not to do it, make it measurable so that you can track your progress and see if you’re on track, make it attainable to see how realistic and achievable this goal is, make it relevant to see if this is a goal you actually care about and have motivation to achieve and lastly, see if it’s time-based, meaning you need to set a deadline for yourself. This is an example of a bad goal: I will lose weight. Here is an example of a good and SMART goal: I will lose 3 pounds by July 15th, 2021 by working out 3 times a week, only eating junk food on weekends, and controlling my portion size to the size of my fist for each meal. I can apply all of the traits of a SMART goal to that which makes it a lot more likely to achieve. Hope I helped 🙂
Lana N.
Hey my sisters and brothers. Every day I woke up and trying to do my own tasks as much as I can. There are days that sometimes I skip some of them and I think it’s what makes us human being. Remember that doing little better than not doing at all. Loves
Andy P.
You need to understand that one, two or even three times skip to work out or one day cheat don't affect you, and you deserve rest. Sometimes to do whatever you feel is allright, is healthy!! But don't remaind! Try to be the boss of your choice. Good luck! After one week of work out constantly, maybe you can eat some fries😉