Does the feeling of procrastination before you start deep work get better with momentum? Interested to know! Or is it always a struggle 😆

Dean X.
Yes it does. The trick is to build momentum 😊
My little trick is to ask myself if I can only start, then if I can only work a little bit more.

Calvin Z.
Absolutely yes! Momentum helps me so much. It’s very hard for me to generate some wind in my own sails from nothing, but once I manage to get chugging along, I become more decisive and clear with my goals. I’m eager to get back into it if I have to find a stopping point and put the project away. But I confess, I struggle with perfectionism so if I feel like my perfect solution isn’t attainable for some reason, I might stall at the end with a “this’ll do for now” fizzle out at the end.

Emily W.
Yes. For anything I need to get done I set a timer for 15 minutes and tell myself I can stop at the end of the timer. Usually after 15 minutes motivation kicks in and I am already in deep work and extend my timer to 30 minutes or an hour. Knowing I can stop at 15 minutes makes it all the easier.

Heiko U.
Once I begin working, the feeling of procrastinating eventually falls away and the work becomes interesting or easy to do. Over a long period of time (years) of practicing not procrastinating even though I feel like it, the feeling of procrastinating minimizes almost completely. When I feel it these days, it’s very light and it doesn’t take me much effort at all to start working.