Does meal prep work?

Lilly P.
I don't use meal prep, I eat twice a day morning and night. Something lean, and healthy yet with enough protein to keep my energy up
Dana F.
Yes, but with a caveat—only if you prep things you’ll enjoy eating. Don’t prep something that’s a punishment for you to eat, find that perfect balance between tasty and healthy so when you open the fridge and you see something ready to go you go “thank goodness I did this, I’m starving” instead of “I could probably hold off while I order a pizza”. Also, if it’s important to you, make sure you create some variety for yourself and get creative about reusing prepped ingredients. Like there’s a tons of recipes that start with grilled chicken, or roasted sweet potatoes, or a big handful of spinach, but it doesn’t have to look the same every day.
Kyler M.
Absolutely, meal preparation can be an integral part in loosing weight and keeping healthy. Often times when your body is craving food, you tend to be impatient. That means you probably wont want to take the time to cook with often leads ro getting something quick and unhealthy. By doin meal prep each week and having a healthy meal ready, you completely eliminate this dilemma. Also you will find that you will save a TON of money by having your meals layed out and ready to go.
A N.
I never tried it for the whole week but the days I cook more and can smear off it the next day feel great and relaxing not to worry about cooking for a day:)
Hans Henning C.
Yes definitely, allowing time to prepare most of my meals in one session at the weekend then frees up more time during the week 😊
Samantha O.
Not for me, I tend to not eat leftovers as it is, if I meal prepped for the week it would feel like eating leftovers everyday, and I am not one for leftovers.
Mike F.
I'm not sure what you mean by does it work – I wonder what it is that you're wanting to get out if it?

I've certainly found that when I've done meal prep the biggest difference is that if I come home tired after work I'm much more likely to eat the healthy food I've made in bulk before, with minimal effort needed to heat it up and throw in some veg, than I would be to cook a full meal from scratch. So I end up eating better more often, and eating takeout or pizza less often.

It also saves time, as it's quicker to make a large batch that will last several meals than it is to make several meals separately.

It also saves me some mental energy in the sense that I don't have to think about what I'm going to eat and what I need to buy for it if I've already got some food waiting for me in the fridge.

Lisa Q.
Definitely. Im a quick fix kinda gal, so the convenience of a prepped meal suits me to the ground. It also sets up healthy habits. Batch cooking also helps
Ingrid P.
I think it’s different for everybody. It will definitely be useful to keep your diet on track, but it’s important to keep it balanced. If you make too much, or too similar foods you might get bored quickly. Also, meal prep is always more fun with a partner!
Quratulaien N.
yes! i’ve been meal prepping recently and they’ve been life saving. I live with my family so sometimes it feels difficult as they always offer me the lovely meals/snacks they have but i try not to give in. It’s made my shopping a lot easier and a lot more inexpensive. I also feel a lot healthier.
Samara P.
It often comes down to wether you have the willpower and if you take the time in the evening to prep your meals. I feel like it makes a big difference if I’m tired and don’t have the energy to prep it. I usually make a little more of whatever I’m making at Sundays because then I don’t need to be in the kitchen more than I want to, or have time to, and I don’t need to think about preparing anything on weekdays. I go to a university that is one and a half hours away from where I live so I take the train to school every day which means I don’t have much time when I come home to stand in the kitchen to prep the next day’s meal. So for me it’s essential to prep meals because I simply don’t have much time after I come home and after studying.
Tara N.
It can be helpful, but it may be hard to do. Something that’s beneficial is to prepare it the night before. Good luck! I hope you have much success with whatever you decide to do.
Myasia O.
Yes! It saves you the stress of having to make meals every single day. If I were you I’d make meals that last.

For example, for breakfast – boiled eggs, pre made pancakes, fruit salad, pre made sausages (or any kind of meat of your choosing), smoothies, pre made protein shakes, pre made oats, bananas and etc.

For lunch: Pre made sandwiches, avacado (for avacado and egg toast), peanut butter and apples pre made rice, pre made chicken breat or any meat of your choosing, pre made vegetables and etc.

For dinner my mom and i usually have spaghetti because it last for a week!

Meal prep saves you time and money so I’d def try it out!