Does it really matter how long you stretch? I’ve seen from 5 to even 20min stretching routines and I was just wondering 🤔

Bill S.
Well, sometimes it's based on your body,or medical condition etc… So for most people I would say about 10-15 minutes. But it's mostly based on how you feel about it
Micheal N.
Hi! One minute is definitely short and for this one minute stretch means to me is gaining awareness of how my body feels and to build sense of habits, But, if you wanted all the benefits of stretching then YES, you should be doing longer stretch periods consistently to keep up with your body and get all the spots nessecary. One minute may even be just the time for one stretch/pose. Stretching is awesome! Make time for it when you can, this one minute stretch is a good simple introduction!
Herv Q.
it doesn't really matter for how long. your body may feel ready in just 2 minutes, and some days it may need up to 15mins. it's up to your body to decide.
Henrietta N.
I think it depends on what you’re stretching for. If you’re trying to engage your body for the first time or after a long break from exercise, even a short stretch of 1-5 minutes can help you establish a routine and habit and you’ll notice improvement in flexibility over time. However if you do longer then great, you’ll notice improvements faster and be able to stretch all parts of your body every day. From there you could even move into yoga or pilates, that incorporate stretching and focused movements typically just using your own body as weight and resistance. I’m on the same journey as you. I’m slowly getting back into stretching as a way to reconnect with my body after slow weight loss since pregnancy, no conscious exercise for almost two years and recent knee surgery. Im taking it slowly.
Erin Q.
I’m not a fitness coach or expert, but I would say as long as you want! I have practiced yoga, and that is basically all stretching. And it gives you a workout for sure! So, any type of stretching or movement is better than nothing. But, if you want a full workout you can do it for 30-45 min.