Do you use the Fabulous-app for meditation, or do you use another app? πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Ferdinand O.
I use Insight Timer as it has lots of different types of meditations available. I’ve been using it for several years so chose to stick with it. Yes
Albenise S.
I use another app that I feel very comfortable using. I started using it a long time before I started using Fabulous.

Depending on your needs, you can choose what is comfortable for you.

Lucas C.
I used to meditate using 'Simply Habit' app, and I think it's really good one but I stopped using it since I changed my phone.
Berndt B.
I have been using the Fabulous app. But I also use Insight Timer for guided meditations.

I have mostly been using the bells for my morning meditation.

Erwan O.
I use the app and other mindful meditation audio books. Depends what I am working on or feel I need to listen to depending on my day.
Alberte C.
I wanted something that tied in Christian prayer with meditation so I found someone who combines the two and have successfully been doing them with my children during the evenings
Wendy T.
I use the Fabulous app for meditation because it has simple and short, but helpful meditation sessions. I’ve found that’s other apps can have meditation recordings that are hard to understand, and are more religious. Fabulous is easy, doesn’t bring in religious values, and Ian just focused on self-help and strengthening the mind. I appreciate that a lot!
Antonino X.
Tried using the Fabulous app for meditation but something about her voice I'm unable

Use the Calm app every morning, at least the Daily Calm.

Also use "Guided Imagery" by Belle Ruth Naperstak.

Other times just sit quietly and practice Mindfulness meditation.

Tara C.
Hi, I boy been with this app for 4 days and I been using the meditation that they have, in the past I have used affirmations by Louise Hay
Dawn T.
I already had two apps for meditation that work well for me. But I’m happy to see the Fabulous meditation apps and intend to make use of them as time goes on.