Do you prefer a physical journal or a journal app?

Rebeca A.
Physical journal, because it’s like it’s own keepsake. Each journal is special for the period of time you have it in your life. Also, I get tired of staring at screens all day and it’s nice to just let the thoughts flow freely onto a piece of paper.

Pauline O.
Physical journal, it helps ground me in the hear and now. Seeing and feeling the pen glide over the pages. Knowing the page is full where before it was empty.

Edward P.
When it comes to reflecting or planning out my day, I prefer a journaling app called "DayOne" because I can edit the words I type. This helps me stay clear and organized. On the other hand, I use a Physical notebook when I need to doodle when I can't put a label on my emotions and I need space to scribble. What about you?

Janelle P.
A physical journal. There is an emotional connect when I write that helps things pour out whereas an app doesn’t work that way.

Glenda Q.
I prefer a journal app because I feel like it guides me more than a paper journal does. As an autistic person it is easier for me to get going when I have little prompts.

Najoua R.
I prefer a physical journal .. but an app is more practical .. it’s easier to have it everywhere and you don’t need to replace it as the space is unlimited

Marius S.
Journal app because it reminds me to do it and if I do it in the physical journal I might forget to write or reflect in it one day

Angelo T.
I think it depends on the person. If it's someone who can easily stay committed to their goals then both ways can be effective. I personally prefer physical journals since it helps u & also gives u some time away from the blue screens.

Mikkel P.
An app is an amazing way to make sure that whatever you write down, it gets saved. I like to use Reflectly, but you have to pay to continue writing and to see all quotes. With a physical journal, you can draw, write down stuff, and you can make it all your own. All in all, I think a physical journal is better that an app because for most apps, you must pay.

Josini C.
I prefer physical, but that’s just because I am a freelance writer and prefer to have a physical journal to look back on my thoughts. I also feel like it

Nicoline U.
I recomend a physical journal. That's because u can decorate it, u can reflect to it later on in the future (thats the best part of it) as well as u won't use digital device.
While journaling app is a nice pick too…..but u it's digital and u may delete the app and will never see ur writings then.

Dana O.
I keep a physical journal. I like having something I can grab and physically write in. I seem to connect more with myself that way.

Mikkel C.
For me,it is better to use a physical journal. Nothing beats the traditional way of sharing your thoughts and plans by writing it and contemplating on it. I draw sometimes figures that will make me show my emotions. All things in between, i write them down without worrying that I might misspelled some words. My journal,my rules. Somehow, there's a personal touch when you use a physical journal.

Annette X.
I prefer to write in a physical journal, it feels more therapeutic as I am not looking at a screen and feeling like I’m wasting my time on electronics. Something about writing with a pen and paper feels old fashioned now but I encourage it, it forces me to work my brain harder as auto correct isn’t there to spell everything for me. I also enjoy writing when my handwriting turns out neatly, is pleasing to look at. It’s also much less stressful as you make less mistakes than you do typing, I find anyway. The only upside to typing is sometimes you get your thoughts out faster, and no writer’s callus!

Nurten C.
I think both have their advantages and disadvantages, but I like using physical journals for To-Do Lists, scribbling and quick notes, whereas I prefer journal app for trying to express my thoughts and feelings .(Emojis are usually a big help with illustrating my mood☺️)

Morgan Y.
I actually enjoy them both. It's different though. Using an app is new to me and I just realized that I may not be able to look back on my entries. I have had to download app with new phone and for some reason it doesn't move with me and I have to start over at the beginning. I haven't mentioned it until now. As far as writing in a journal it's a huge release and I believe more confidential. I like to look back on my entries years later and see the change or remember good times or even bad times and it's usual fantastic when I do because I realize that I survived! Some of the hardest things I have been through I felt I wouldn't make it but had been blessed with better things. Any way that is how I feel about app journals and written journals.

Nadya P.
I actually really like a journal app… partly because I always have my phone on me and I’m always on it so it’s easier to journal when I’m reminded about it and when I can just quickly go in and type. As opposed to when I have a physical journal often I lose it I forget to write in it I am too lazy so this is perfect

Julie F.
Definitely a paper journal. It helps me slow down and reflect vs. being just another thing on a screen. I can also, then, see a tangible result of journaling consistently. It feels like a real win to see a notebook fill up over time. But we don’t naturally have a concept of file size.

Robin T.
I prefer a physical journal as I feel I can really express myself when I'm using a pen and paper to express my thoughts.

Anton Z.
I prefer a physical journal due to old school teachings. I feel more free and comfort writing down my thoughts on paper. Some times i can draw pictures that express my feelings better then words.

Willie C.
Physical for the “realness” factor. It feels better to write in a physical journey but, the app has its perks too. I can just whip it out and do it whenever or I can save it for later while I’m on the tram.

Engin O.
I think it’s best if you use a real journal so then you can feel really energized and not using phones so then your eyes will hurt it is best if you use a journal book or a notebook and claim it as your journal

Benjamin O.
I prefer a physical journal. Something about writing with a real pen and paper makes it feel extra special. Happy journaling!

Elizabeth Y.
A physical journal makes the reflecting feel more personal and concrete than journaling on my phone. And it helps me have less time staring at a screen.

Ma L C.
A journal app because we have most use of mobile laptop and so many gadgets and therefore if there is a app than it will remind you through notifications which is best

Megritte N.
Physical journal. The act of writing in paper is much stronger for me and also gives me space to sketch in case I want to work with an idea graphically as well. Plus, there’s something incredibly powerful about seeing a shelf full of beautiful volumes capturing moments of your life.

Nicoline U.
Definitely an actual journal to write in! I have a 5 year one line a day journal. Nice and simple and also nice to reflect back on other years!

Malle B.
I prefer a physical journal, because I like the feeling of my pen on the paper. I also feel like it’s easier to write all of my feelings down instead of typing it all on my phone. I feel like I can be more honest with myself when I write things down. It’s also fun to read back what you’ve written a year ago. That’s way more fun to do when it’s in writing instead of in an app on your phone.

Ericka E.
By reminding yourself daily. I was often annoyed by what is your purpose question because I thought it was dumb but now I see how asking yourself that question daily helps to focus you on doing things that fulfill your purpose. So now I geni

Shane C.
I personally prefer a physical one as when I write down something I feel accomplished and more motivated than typing it on a app.
Plus it decrease screen time which adds to the benefits.

Emily P.
I use a digital journal for gratitude, but I prefer a physical journal. There's just something about physically writing that feels cathartic to me and I personally get more from it. I retain information better and any realizations I have seem more profound to me.

Curtis U.
I think a peraon journal is better because you can feel out every word and be able to write down your thought as you see them. However, a digital one is also good for short notes along the day as sometimes it is hard to take out a pen and paper while out and about. I believe both are good options and equally as effective. Wether you are spilling your thought out on paper or onto a screen they are gettibg out and isnt that the whole point?

Rae O.
If you want a long answer, then journaling in a physical journal is more likely to get that from me than an application. I spent too much time on my phone as it is, it’s nice to connect with pen and paper rather than typing on a screen.

Sigmund U.
i prefer both because i feel like writing in a physical journal most times but other times i’ll feel like writing in a journal app

Axelle A.
I prefer physical journal because it give me time away from my phone or tablet and give me time just declutter my mind without any distractions.

Eva O.
Both! I think a journal app is good for reminders etc, but a physical journal is great for writing, setting intention and to-do lists.

Arnold Y.
Personally I don't read it a lot but I prefer a physical one cause I already stay on the internet a lot for school and it hurt my eyes On the other side of the coin the journal app produce less pollution

Lucille Z.
I prefer a physical journal over a digits one. The sense of nostalgia that a physical journal gives is much more as compared to a digital one. For me, anything physical as opposed to digital, be it books, journal, magazine, it feels more personal.

Jonas R.
Right now I do use a physical one but if there is a simply app I would rather use this, because it is then easier to look back out search.

Hugh C.
I prefer a journal app for an easy access everytime I need it. The fact, it will be more easier to note thoughts on the go that wait the right time to put it down. Thank you for the question

Felismino S.
A journal app is better because you don't risk someone reading it and the security is high . Also, you can back up to your Google account so you don't lose your notes , and finally a physical journals pages will end but in the app you can write everything without worrying about that, you can also add emojis .

Osaj O.
I have both. There are times when I feel that the act of putting pen or pencil to paper is cathartic and allows me to release in a different way. Other times I love and enjoy the organization and simplicity of putting my thoughts into my digital journal that is secured with a password that only I know. Both are very valid and valuable.

Iwona F.
I prefer a physical one. Just something about putting pen on paper. Random doodles. Crossing things out instead of permanently deleting them. It's a better representation of me and my thought then an online on for me.

Gottlob F.
I would definitely go for a physical journey, I have to use my body, it’s healthier and better to keep moving, not just sitting and being lazy and looking at apps!

Artemis C.
I very much prefer a physical journal. I connect more with what I’m writing and take the time to really think it over. It’s a lot more personal that way n.n

Lucas W.
it depends. i prefer having a mix of the two, but if i had to choose then a journal app. this is because i’m always on my phone and have a few apps for journaling. although physical journal gives me the ability to be creative, the already organized apps are way more useful and less time consuming for me 🙂

Aiden J.
I prefer a physical journal, specifically a bullet journal. It allows me to physically write down and read aloud what I’m journaling about as well as give me time to think of how i will answer. A physical journal gives me the full effect of journaling.

Linda Q.
I don't write a journal, I haven't since I was very young. I think an app would be easier to use and maybe keep me more consistant with it, since I almost always have my phone in my hands, and I could also use it when I have spare time outside my house (on the bus, work etc.)

Benjamin Z.
I like to write down things. I think it will have more impact. I like physical journal more but apps are great too you can use them anywhere.

Vernon W.
I prefer a journal app as I type faster than I write and I would love to note down all that goes down in my head. My head is constantly filled with so much that it's better if I just type it out quickly, before I forget.

Kelly S.
I prefer a physical journal because it feels more personal and I can be as creative with it as I want. It’s also very soothing to write with a pencil on paper.

Marjorie C.
I don’t know, my experience with journaling is not clear yet I feel like I don’t know how to contribute my thoughts and I feel overwhelmed, and maybe that’s because I don’t know how to express my emotions and speak my mind.

T Cio P.
i honestly prefer both! with a physical journal, i feel more relieved and more organized since i have all my thoughts and things in a notebook!
with a journal app, it kinda helps more on keeping things in place and sometimes gives you different things to jot down!

Gustav Z.
I honestly believe a physical journal would be better, but if you don’t want someone to find it, a journal app is definetly better

Louis F.
I prefer physical journals to apps. I’ve tried several apps and none of them stuck. There’s something to writing out the words, seeing your penmanship improve as you relearn that skill. For a journal it’s a whole lot about getting it out, reflecting on the day, feeling grateful and engaged in the moment. This is exercise.
I take notes on things in apps that I will later want and be able to search. That is where apps shine.

Claire Z.
I love physically writing, but I definitely prefer a journal app. I travel a lot and don’t want to lug a lot of books around, and I find a lot of value in being able to tag entries and easily search for old topics by tag or date.

Uaira Y.
I would definitely prefer a physical journal. I never liked the technology and prefer to separate my thoughts from the screen.

Andrea W.
It really depends on what you want. An app can be more private because it's probably on a device with a passcode, and it's already laid out for you, but many times the layout is not how exactly you want it to be, it may be too simple or too complex.
A physical journal is completely laid out by you, exactly how you want it, but you can get carried out and start adding trackers for everything that you can't find in apps, and then lose track of stuff and feel intimidated by everything you put in, and it's more difficult to delete what you don't want to see, it's also usually possible that people may read it, that's a point expecially if you have anxiety about that.
It really depends on what you want

Galiano P.
I have both. And I use both regularly not preferring one to the other. Everyone is different. One may be more convenient then the other for some. And others may prefer a certain way of journaling. For me, writing is my life. Maybe that's why I had such a hard time with routine. Instead of actually doing anything, I wrote about it and how or why I couldn't or wouldn't. Not to say writing is counter productive…It definitely isn't. It's just a matter of what you are writing and how been you use what you are writing in your everyday life …Not which method of writing you use. That is the most simple answer…Use whatever method feels best to you and whichever is most likely to help you to channel it into action.