Do you know any tasty recipes you can make in advance for a quick breakfast? I have some but would like to find out more 😊

Zoey U.
I like to have boiled eggs and cut up some cucumbers, lettuce and cherry or baby tomatoes. There's something else that only I eat but it's pretty simple, I eat cooked white rice with a tomato with a pinch of salt or just rice with yoghurt. Sometimes I eat leftovers from yesterday.

Cecilie X.
I'm actually not good at cooking so I just go with 2 apples or 2 eggs with a bit soy sauce. If I go for apples I usually add some bananas as well.

Jesus O.
I put porridge oats, and mixed frozen berries in a bowl the night before. I mix them up abd leave them overnight. In the morning I just need to add a few nuts and a spoonful of greek yogurt and I'm ready to eat. Quick, easy and tasty😋

Mario P.
You can eat one toast with an avocato and scrumble eags. For drink maybe a simple and natural orange Juice . Should eat protein, fiber, and some good fats

Emil Z.
Breakfast Shake. 2 cups blueberries, one avocado, 3 bananas, one Protein powder scoop, one teaspoon honey, one cup milk of your choice (I prefer kefir or raw milk).
Blend it and it's a filling smoothie.

Hilda Y.
if you want to prepare your breakfast the nught before, put in a tupperware 80g rolled oats topped with half sliced banana (for the sweetness) and some nuts (fats+proteins). Add some water (one glass is more than enough) or some dairy-free milk on top of everything and let it rest overnight. You can enjoy it cold out of the fridge or you can heat it up a bit in the microwave. Mix it with a spoon and eat it up! 🥰

Rebecca F.
Overnight oats are great! There are some recipes that let you add protein powder, which is a bonus. Put in all the fruit, nuts, and add-ins you want the night before (but some may be better added in the morning…just google it!) 🙂

Ilija U.
I like to make a healthy smoothie with good protein powder, almond milk, peanut butter, coconut yoghurt and banana. Super easy and portable.

Elmer Z.
Paleo breakfast muffins – bake eggs mixed with cooked bacon and spinach for about 20 mins in the oven, and you have breakfast for 3 days!

Valdemar C.
I personally have a hard time with a large breakfast. I go for something simple, usually overnight oats (all my recipes are from Pinterest!) or even just yogurt with fruit and granola. Something to keep me going but won’t leave me feeling stuffed!

Wyatt J.
Oatmeal, nuts, blueberries. Mix them together in a bowl and put it on the refrigerator.

When you take them out to eat add a little bit of milk.

Justin Y.
I like to do pre packaged smoothies. I measure everything out and put in freezer bags so it's easy to just toss into the blender with some almond milk and protein powder.

Alvin J.
I like acai-bowls. It’s really easy to make them and the ingredients for it are easily stored in the freezer and cupboards.

Take one or two bananas, preferably frozen, a pack of frozen acai puré and add 100 ml of any type of liquid (i like coconut water and some mct oil but you can use oatmilk, water, almond milk, fruit juice etc). Put everything into a blender and blend until smooth. Garnish with berries, fruit, nuts and seeds, or granola.

If you want it to be really easy you can prepare satchels of banana and açai to have ready in your freezer, store the preferred liquid in a bottle in the fridge and boxes of whatever garnish prepared in cupboard or fridge, already cut up and good to go.

Chad G.
You can boil some oatmeal and keep it in the fridge for up to a week. Then you can take what you want add some frozen berries on top pop in microwave and add some sweetener . Yummy

Lauren E.
It is healthier to eat fresh food prepared at the moment. I do not eat protein for breakfast but milk coffee with brown sugar,cereals, yogurt and marmelade.
I have 5 eating-breaks per day. I eat pasta for lunch. When you eat YOU EAT. No work, no mobile, no walks. You have to concentrate on the action of eating take your time and feel and taste your food. Your body, your heart, your blood circulation are working hard to process the food; no energy has to go lost for other use.

Randall P.
I like making Cheerios because it is a nostalgic way to wake up. The other thing is making fresh kielbasa spinach and eggs with a bit of Hippie Pilgrim Thanksgiving seasoned salt. Something to truly enjoy and it's filling!

Mathew Z.
I think the only recipe that I can recommend to be made in advance is overnight oats with whatever ingredients you want. I mostly have coffee with soy milk and yoghurt

Johanne E.
My number one go to is oats! I love to make them with tons of peanut butter and fruit, cinnamon and some plant based milk.

Yolanda Q.
I have always found egg cups baked in a muffin tin to be great! They are simple and versatile. You can add any diced vegetables, meat, or shredded cheese.

Clara W.
Egg toast sandwich.
1. Fry an egg
2. Heat one side of bread
3. Place egg on bread
4. Add ketchup (optional)
5. Place the other piece of bread on top of the eg
6. Flip the bread and heat the other side.
7. Once golden brown the toast is ready to eat