Do you have any kind of personal tricks for grooming yourself?

Sania T.
Have a simple routine- what you may call, 'a baseline'. Come rain or shine, you have no excuse but to complete it. Pick three areas you want to focus on e.g. hair, face, body, skin, clothes, nails etc. Now think of what you think your first step should be…No actually think of it. Its important you do this before I tell you what to do next…waiting…waiting..waiting…okay if you've got your first step, I want you to half it. What do I mean by that? I want you to make it smaller and simpler. E.g. if your Goal is to oil your hair once a week, your goal should be to maybe open the oil bottle once a week (heck you could try and open it everyday and only actually use it once). Next, shut that bickering voice in the back of your head thats telling you that opening an oil bottle or putting out your skincare the night before doesn't constitute as a win and do the famous Fabulous celebration. Then, repeat, repeat, repeat!