Does anyone know how to take care of your scalp beside the basic wash your hair?

Abbie U.
Yes! It depends on if you have more an oily or dry scalp, but there are many treatments such as coconut oil, vitamin e, and scalp treatments. Finding the right shampoo/conditioner fornyour hair type that doesn't have harsh chemicals or a lot of alcohol will help tremendously with scalp health, as well as not washing your hair every day. Washing every other day, or every two days, can let natural oils called sebum do their job and will help stabilize a better ph balance.

Jj Y.
Hair masks and serums.
You also shouldn't wash every day as it's too harsh.
Gentle shampoos. Tea Tree oil is good for calming the scalp. I use a tea tree oil shampoo.

Hildegard U.
Basic hair wash isn't enough.. my scalp is sensitive and i need to check doctor for it.. but I don't really inow how to take care of my scalp

Zbigniew Y.
Other than using scalp shampoo (may I recommend the body shop’s ginger range) you can also eat oil for your scalp which you massage in

Friend G.
Depends on if you have a problem with it or not. If you're just interested in self-care, products in beauty shops like masks and conditioners will work fine. They'll make you feel and smell nice.
If you have actual issues like dandruff, you might want to check in with a GP and get a prescription for medical shampoo or an ointment etc.

Alina F.
There are specials lotions meant for the scalp, many containing quinine and castor oil, to stimulate hair growth. Their effect are enhanced by massaging the scalp, which will promote better blood circulation and nourishment of the hair follicles. I make my own scalp lotions, using fresh herbal infusions and a touch of rum. A few drops of essential oils like rosemary, mint, and ylang-ylang are a said to be beneficial. You can also use scalp masks of warmed oils like olive, coconut, jojoba, camellia, argan, with added castor and vitamin E. Massage them weekly into your scalp for at least one hour (ideally overnight) if your hair is dry, and shampoo them off.

Isaiah C.
I use scalp massages to relief stress. Eight fingers from the eyebrows and you will have a spot that is great for stimulation of blood.

Marie Louise T.
It depends on your scalp really, is it oily or dry? Are you prone to exama break outs? Do you get a lot of ingrown hairs? How long is your hair? In general I recommend wash less condition more. Conditioning masks are great for your hair and scalp. If your hair is oily I'd recommend looking up some YouTube tutorials on combating that. I hope this helps, and if all else fails just go see your cosmetologist! They specialize in hair skin and nails so they'll be super helpful! Best wishes!

Annika F.
I have a special mask for it that has to be rubbed into the scalp and then left on for about ten minutes before washing the hair again

Amna F.
Oiling and shampooing is a better method than a simple wash. If you are not ok with the chemicals in shampoo , you can always opt for nature like leaves of hibiscus

Ali S.
Making sure you’re getting the right vitamins minerals and nutrients needed to keep a healthy follicule and hair! Also water always lots of water

Sam Z.
If your scalp is dry and flaky, make sure you’re using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Maybe a leave-in conditioner, too! If you find your scalp oily, try using a volumizing shampoo and conditioners even a deep cleansing shampoo once or twice a week

Rose U.
Depending on your hair type try using hair oil. I have short woolly hair (I am black) and use Vaseline petroleum jelly. There are other hair foods as well.

Rose U.
You can do a conditioning treatment (leave in conditioner) found at the local grocery store and a scalp treatment can be provided by a hair dresser for people with dry scalps which is diffrent from dandruff.

Wanda Q.
Regular oiling and nourishing hair packs like yoghurt and avocado provide moisture to the scalp which can get dried due to shampooing. The hair also becomes softer and smoother.

Gavin O.
You should oil and massage your scalp, that way the itching stops and you have a healthy scalp if you continuously do it.

Deuvanira Q.
Daily combing with an appropriate comb or scalp massage (you can find some ideas on the net) helps activating blood circulation and then leads to a healthier scalp 🙂

Erika I.
Once a month I do oil treatment with Jojoba. I massaged into my scalp, leave it couple of hours, then wash my hair. Panthenol is good for scalp and hair too, I use it regularly. My hairdresser gived me this tip, I used it many years, it works wonderfully.

Ope N.
Yes, leave in conditioner , hair oils,scalp massager ,change your pillow every 1-2 weeks,eat healthier and always drink water.Hope this helps you.

Sybilla X.
I also do something but i dont know that this is the exact answer you are finding for
I apply and message oil at the night after which i have to wash them next morning