I’d like to know what other people do to groom themselves?

Grace Q.
I have this set around 11am so I usually make sure that I've brushed my hair, changed out of my pajamas, and put on deodorant!

Tom G.
Personally, I love having long hair. I groom myself by brushing my hair many times per day, to equally spread the oils naturally produced by my scalp from root to tip. I also brush my teeth (which hopefully reminds me to floss). Also, I make sure my fingernails are clean (which is difficult since I am a 32 year old Tom-boy who likes getting my hands dirty, yet still prefer to remain feminine. Other than that, I try to shower and shave when I can, and use moisturizer afterwards. I also enjoy using the brand Olay for my facial moisturizer, and Frizz-Ezze for "flyaways" with my hair.

Alexander C.
Hey. I do skincare and hair. I start with washing my face with a cleanser, than I use toner, serum ( Vitamin C for mornings and a nourishing one for night), moisturizer. In the mornings I continue with spf and makeup. My makeup is usually very simple. Some concealer, eye pencil, mascara, brow gel, lip balm. Then I continue by doing my hair.