What are four good personal hygiene habits?

Kyah T.
I would say it’s good to shower daily. It’s like a small escape where you can wash your stress away as well. wash your face well at least once a day. Definitely make sure to brush your teeth twice a day. The health of your mouth greatly affects the rest of your body. Making sure my hair is clean and taken care of always helps me feel better too 🙂
Stephanie T.
My Mary Kay regiment….use of my sonic brush on my face feels so good and I look forward to it everyday

Brush my teeth

Showering …..even during this time of quarantine…..I feel better

Trishna E.
Washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds (maybe more because of the current situation we are in), taking a shower every day, wearing socks beneath your shoes, and washing your clothes after you wear them for a full day.