What’s your favorite habit in grooming self?

Mary O.
I think a daily shower is essential. Even if you only
take a few minutes and skip washing your hair. Start out on warm with a lather of your favorite good smelling body wash. Gradually turn the water to as cold as you can handle. It’s invigorating and promotes feelings of alertness. It is also good for lymphatic drainage and circulation.
Kathleen R.
I like to take care of my skin and hair. Getting ready for the day is important to me as an Indigenous person as it symbolizes my appreciation for my body the Creator has given me. I honour my Creator by looking my best. I am connected to Mother Earth by my hair so I let it grow long, the closer it is to Earth the more I am connected. I also do my husbands and children’s hair, my son has three braids that represent the trinity of Creator, Mother Earth, and the great Spirit.
Lilly Z.
At the end of the day, I really enjoy doing my skincare routine. It's a time where I can just get ready to go to sleep and clean myself of the days business. Plus, I know it means I'm taking care of my skin so I feel good afterwards too!
Sophia O.
Moisturising my skin. 💫

I feel nourished and it makes me feel like I'm looking after my body.

Beauty always lies within. ❤

In our times of healing we must look after our bodies more and practice self love.