What’s the best DIY mask for your face or hair?

Mads Z.
One of the best face mask for me is honey and olive oil. I usually put it on my face in several hours for better result. And sonetimes I massage my face to absorbing. I use the combination of yougurt and olive oil as a hair mask for shining and sofing hair.

C Lsio P.
i dont have lots of money usually, so i use things from dollar tree, and they work very well!! Bolero has both hair and face products and they both are very good :))

Radiance U.
Hmmmm…when I do a face mask it’s normally to exfoliate dead skin. So Dead Sea salt (Pink Himalayan or Kosher works fine, too) will be the main ingredient. If granules are larger than beach sand, throw salt into a nutrabullet to make it finer. I add raw honey, and a little bit of MCT oil and mix in small bowl. Sorry I don’t really measure I eyeball it. Looks like wet sand basically lol, but the salt hasn’t dissolved completely so it’s still effective for exfoliating. Hope this helps!