What is the hardest part about keeping yourself well-groomed?

Welyn N.
Time…it all goes down to time.I am still struggling with this habit but after I am finished with my routine I feel beautiful and good about myself.I feel glad I took the time to make me feel better,only you can make you feel good.i think once I master this I will be unstoppable.

Judy T.
For me the most difficult thing is probably that I’m a perfectionist about my eyebrows so sometimes it can be frustrating when I don’t have time to do them as meticulously as I’d like to – maybe that sounds crazy. I also have children so sometimes when I’m grooming they need me and having to stop in the middle of doing something can be frustrating as well.

Paulo I.
There is no hard part… I am a very clean person. Sometimes showering 2x's a day. I am in the beauty industry so it's part of my being to be well groomed each day.

Duane F.
Convincing myself the time is worth it. I am always running late because I stay so tired and sleep until the last minute. Even a couple extra minutes seem like it isn't as important. I had to convince myself that I am important.

Celestine Y.
Making my hair. It is a real headache. I always prefer a ponytail, but that also is really hard to put in my hair. Though it is short, it is very thick and messy

Liberto T.
Honestly, sometimes the hardest part of grooming oneself is starting. Just like so many things!! But when you give yourself enough time to enjoy it and pamper yourself (instead of rushing), it becomes an enjoyable and refreshing part of the day ☀️

Kenzi J.
Grooming – brushing my hair, my teeth. Psoriasis makes me feel gross and unattractive. I feel like it doesn’t matter how hard I try I don’t usually look beautiful or put together, so why bother. I feel like the result doesn’t reflect how exhausting it is to me

Nancy Q.
I get up every morning and get dressed , put on my makeup and fix my hair. I don’t live where I get my hair cut and colored or where I get my nails done. Sometime I am a week or 2 late. That drives me crazy.

Marion O.
Having to look at myself in the mirror. Having to dedicate the time and energy. Thinking about all the time I didn't spend taking care of myself. Knowing I might not keep up with the habit. Thinking about how other people look at/perceive me, and assuming it is negative.

April J.
Sticking with a routine!! It’s easy to fall off or not do something one or two days and then it gives you “permission” to stop that lotion/bath/shave/pluck/dye whatever you intended to regularly!! I keep things close by and organized so that having a nighttime or morning regiment is right at my finger tips and it’s easy all there

Howard P.
Getting the motivation to keep myself groomed for me and not someone else. It's always been hard for me to do things for myself with no outside motivation.

Jucelaine N.
The hardest part about keeping myself well groomed is when I really don't want to take the time to do it because I am so tired I just want to go to sleep instead. I am going to overcome this obstacle by ensuring that I begin my hygiene routine on time every night and give myself time to wind down and be asleep at a reasonable hour.

Vera J.
Brushing my hair; I got both straight and curly hair and is hard to brush after I woke up. I usually just put it in a ponytail and leave it for hours.

William F.
For some reason w
Brushing my teeth. It seems like a chore to stand their for two minutes. Then rinse and floss according

Lewis T.
For me, it is not being overwhelmed by all the little steps. I like to put my morning grooming supplies in a row, so that they don't seem as intimidating, just a smooth flow from one step to the next, a single action