How do you manage a quick shower? I feel like there are so many steps involved in my post-shower skin and hair routine that the process is often overwhelming and too time consuming.

Megan C.
I don't know the details of your routine, but you may be trying to do too much to your skin. Cleanser, moisturizer, and maybe an oil is really all you need for your face, and anything else is overkill. You can actually be hurting your skin or reducing the effectiveness of your products by using too many. If you use lotion on your whole body, try just keeping it to the especially dry areas. Hair is more person-dependent, so you may need an involved, multi-step process, but maybe you can do it less frequently? I wash my hair just once a week and use dry shampoo to get me through the other days. Really cuts down on both shower time and post-shower time, and it's better for your hair! Once you've got your necessary steps down, see what you can combine. I wash my face and brush my teeth while in the shower. And finally, use a timer to keep yourself going fast and cut down on idle daydreamy time!
Izzi P.
I start by shampooing and then by applying conditioner and tying it into a bun while I do everything else (wash face , body, shave etc.). All that’s left for me is hair oil and body lotion. I know it depends on your hair type and styling choices but for me that’s done. I keep skin care minimal for my skin type needs. It takes me about half an hour. I hope that helps!
Phillip R.
I take a shower as soon as I come from the walk. It makes me feel refreshing and post shower I just quickly groom myself.