How often should I shower or change clothes? Does the coronavirus live on clothes and hair?

Catherine T.
With the outbreak and social distancing/quarantine, I prefer to have a little normalcy in my life and that is through taking care of myself. I don't know if the virus lives on hair/clothes, but I make a point to shower, change my clothes and put on makeup daily. I keep the same habits in regards to washing my hairs (once every 2 or 3 days). That's my personal perspective on staying safe! Hope it helps!! 🙂
Norma J.
It doesn’t matter! You still have to be clean and have hygiene! Don’t be a dirty and nasty pig! Ew! No your gorgeous! You just have to believe it too! So go and get clean! To show your beautiful face and body! GO! BE CLEAN! GO!
Dami B.
Hi dear, if you are at home and self- isolating , then you only need to keep to your normal shower routine. Whether this may be shower morning and night or shower at night and wash up in the morning😁 Coronavirus as far as my knowledge takes me, should not be able to live on clothes or hair.
Jenny Z.
Do as you usually would. It’s easier to cope during diffucult times if you stick to your routines.
I dont feel comfortable to answer the last question, since im not an expert on the subject. I dont want to contribute to all the fake news and false information.
Rico N.
There is an excellent app called Unbound Medicine and Relief Central that maintains WHO and CDC updates and CDC also has an app, along with an app created together with CDC and Apple. This particular virus is very complicated and it is absolutely necessary to get all information from top experts in epidemiology. Both WHO and CDC can provide these resources. Because information is changing daily, I highly recommend the Unbound Medicine App. Check daily or set notifications. That way you can take all precautions to protect yourself and your family and loved ones.
Kaila Z.
Depending upon what you are doing. I like showering every morning.I feel refreshed! I also workout or sweat outside so again another shower. I don't like shower at night because my hair never dries.