How do I brush curly hair?

Daniel H.
In short, when wet.
The strand of curly hair has a kind of texture to it. Making it fragile in some points. That means it could snap if brushed dry.
My method is to brush it while wet and with some product. Be it conditioner or creams on. It will glide gently through the strand and you can style it so it looks good when dry.
Arin F.
Use those gummy toothed Combs/brushes and start from my parting at the scalp just enough to make the part set. Then start form the tips from the front of my face. Travel up until it reaches my parting. Then do the tips of the sides and back and gradually go up the hair until I am able to pass my comb/brush through all of the hair. This is for dry hair. When I'm straight (derogatory) out the shower I comb from straight down my scalp. My hair is conditioned mostly so there is little damage comparedly. I have shoulder length, bleached and dyed hair so what more damage can I add.
Vicky Z.
I suggest you get a wet brush. Then when you bath or shower you put lots of conditioner in your hair and then brush it. Many people say that brushing your hair when wet is damaging but for curly hair it is less damaging wet than dry.