What is a good skincare routine?

Caroline B.
i think a good skincare routine consis of having moisturizer and also a cleanser or serum mainly just whatever works for you

Hannah E.
In order: Cleanser, wash face, toner, wash face, eye serum, face serum, eye cream, face cream.
I do this every morning and night.
Some people think a lot of face masks helps, but it actually has the opposite effect, because if you dehydrate your skin it creates its own oil — then the pimples/acne will appear.
Another good tip is to eat a lot of carrots, because they have a lot of vitamin A which makes the skin glow and therefore looks younger — and don’t forget to drink green tea! It’s both good for your immune system bra cause of the antioxidants and your skin.

And remember you won’t see results overnight or if you mostly consume unhealthy foods or don’t exercise (just 20min a day).

Good luck :-))

Caitlyn F.
if you have makeup like me remove it with a wipe and wash your face with water. use a moisturizer and a serum aloe is a great healer

Alberte G.
Basically, a good skincare routine requires a good time sleeping, eating vegetables and friuts, exercising and grooming your body + washing your face at least once everyday and always think positive and have a fabulous mood.

Storm B.
A good skincare routine for night time is to wash your face then put on your serums such as niacinamod and lactic acid then some moisturizer. For the morning i recomened washing your face then putting on some sunscreen. Try to make sure most of your products if not all have no fragrance because many people have a fragrance allergy and it can cause irritation

Lydia S.
I would say healthy diet & drinking tons of water is a good way to start for clear skin. Products wise cerave wins for me. It has cleansers, moisturizers, serums anything you need & it’s formula is great. I just started using hydrating cleanser & moisturizing cream from Cerave & it fades my pimples. Recommendations online watch Dr dray or hyram skin care, they’ll help you alot 💗💗

Awrad W.
I can Say its lazy one you know the basics cleanser and cream and suncream but i use chapstick too because my mouth area is so dry but i have a clear skin my pimples are gone even the old ones and sometimes i use a toner and emulsion

Maria Z.
I personally just use a special face scrub and moisturizer 🙂 it seems to work considering I always forget the moisturizer lol

Louella Z.
First I usually wash my hands. Next I rinse my face with water. Then I get my cleanser and wash my face. After that I take a towel and dab my face until it's dry. After that I get my moisturizer and put a small glob on my hands. I rub my hands together and rub the moisturizer all over my face and neck. That's it.

Anastasia N.
i find skincare to work better at night. put your hair up, use less than 3 or 4 products, and make sure to scrub every crevice of your face. CeraVe is a very good brand, and it works for all skin types. make sure to go to bed with hydrated skin, and use lip balm on your lips when you finish!! i hope this helps

Tamar T.
Clean your face with a gentle cleanser at night and apply a good serum or a night cream. In the morning wash face with water and apply eye cream day cream and sun block .

Cenilda Q.
A skincare routine that fits ur skin type , that has a good cleanser and toner and moisturizer and serum and SPF for sunlight to protect ur skin

Abi N.
A clean skincare routine is the best of all. What I mean by clean is clean products with fewer ingredients and mostly organic. You are both taking care of your skin as well as feeding it with the right nutrition that you will over time. Also include drinking water not just for your skin but your whole body will thank you as well.

Doris E.
Well in my personal experience I think long lasting results are better than short term results. The products might not work now but over time. Use lotion and sunscreen everyday. Do what makes you happy and don’t forget you look beautiful no matter what !

Rosita Q.
I normally have a short skincare routine. very simple very basic so I have motivation to be consistent. I’ve also found a short one is better for my skin. 1st i double cleanse if i’m wearing makeup a cleansing balm then face wash. next an exfoliant once a week. and a moisturizer in the morning and night. then only in the morning, a spf.

Marlene Z.
I think a good skin care routine is consistent and listens to your skin. I have very dry skin so I have to use oils and moisturisers. Even a basic routine can set you up for the day. I use The Ordinary products at the moment and you can go on their website and fill out a quick questionnaire to get the right products for a morning and night skin care routine.

Ivelle Z.
First: Wash your skin with a suitable facial cleanser.
Second: wipe your skin with a suitable toner.
Third: Depending on your skin,
use a serum that suits it to deeply nourish and protect it from harmful things
And last :Moisturize your skin with a night or a day moisturizer that contains sunscreen, depending on when you do your skin routine. ❤❤🙏

Gilbert J.
I think a good skincare routine involves all natural products firstly, things that cleanse without harsh ingredients. You also need to perform cleansing both in the morning and night. In the morning a gentle cleanser and moisturizer with an spf. In the evening you want to apply an overnight mask as well. Use other masks as needed, toners and exfoliate each week as needed. I would like to pick up a face oil, eye cream, and a toner because I don’t have either of those. I would maybe enjoy a moisturizing mist too.

Jamie O.
wash your face everyday with some specific soap, for oil or dry skin, depends on your own; use solar filter and avoid take much sun; use some masks often, when you notice that you need (there are a lot of them in drugstore for many specific skin types); at night, use some moisturizer before sleep; and avoid squeeze pimples, this can hurt and stain your skin

Resi O.
wash your face, toner, serum, moisturizer, acne treatment, spot treatment (at night), or sunblock (in the morning). heavier moisturizers at night and light dewy ones in the morning

Katie T.
A consistent one is most important but it also can be simple. Start with a clean face. In the morning apply sunscreen and at night apply retinoid.

Lia T.
I wash my face twice a day, use a retinol serum and an eye gel, toner, a special formula made for my skin by cytology, and an oil free moisturizer at the end. Drinking lots of water definitely helps skin look it’s best, and consuming collagen does wonders for your body; especially the skin.

Brita X.
I struggle with acne so I find the best acne face wash I use cerave works wonders then I do a face mask once a week sometimes twice then always put on non oil moisturizer and use hero patches and balm for dark spots and blemishes or pimples.

Erik E.
Cleansing and moisturizing is the most important. I think you can have a nice routine with just those two but of course every person might find the need to add more steps to the routine. I like to keep it basic and simple

Anastasia N.
Well a good skincare for me is very simple. I do t think that you need a lot of products to get good skin. Quite a lot of dermatologist recommended to avoid fragrance In products as they can cause sensitive. They usually recommend to start with a gentle cleanser that will remove any excessive dirt oil or see um

Josh O.
A good skincare routine is one that not only has results but also makes you feel healthy and happy. It has to be fun and interesting so you don’t lose motivation to continue

Asta C.
For beginners, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Moisturize with free-alchohol and free-fragrance moisturizer twice daily and you are good to go. Apply sunscreen every-time you go out in daylight. Most skin problems stem from lack of hydration and moisturizer so long you manage to maintain it, you don’t necessarily need a complex routinet

August Z.
My definition of a good skincare routine is to think about self-care throughout the entire time and to be take caring of myself. I like to take a couple minutes to cleanse my face in the beginning to relax my facial muscles and calm myself, and after that, I do toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen to massage my face more. It always helps me feel more calm in the morning or night, and sets me up for the day/night. Good skincare routines are not only about the ways to achieving perfect skin, but to also feel like you are actually taking care of yourself.

Isa Q.
a good skin care routine is simple
one must have informed themselves on their skin type
and what kinds of products they can/ should or can’t/ shouldn’t put on their skin
the key is that less is more
as long as you double
cleanse for
sixty seconds and wear sunscreen you should be good to
it really is unnecessary to buy expensive products when a drugstore bought one can do the same as long as you are being consistent so it is important to keep in mind that your skin will clear up over night

Danielle C.
You can start the skincare routine by washing your face with a specific soap that is for skincare for example: ac-norm active cleanser this is a a soap that helps with acne and big pimples next you have to moisturize your skin there are many moisturizers but i am currently using the ac-norm medilike effect at morning and the bioscreen at night for a really good skincare routine you have to wash your face with the soap two times a day one at the morning when you wake up and one at night before going to sleep you also have to moisturize your skin after you wash it with the soap every day if you want to protect your skin from the sun because sun is a really dangerous thing for your skin ypu have to use a specific sunscreen i suggest the ac-norm sun screen you must put on your face before going out, one time while you are out and when you come back wash it off your face and then wait until is night so you can wash your face with the soap and moisturize it. I also suggest not to touch your face or pop any of your pimples because that can cause many infections or there are going to be many more pimples than before and your acne will the worst. I hope i helped you with what i said you can also find these products in websites in Chrome. Have a wonderful day!! <3

Mathilde P.
A routine that is especial for my type of skin. A daily care that makes my skin looks good and healthy. A routine that improve my skin and my mental health.

Consulino A.
A peaceful but simple routine where the skin is cleaned and moisture, because sometimes less is more and it shouldn't be overdone too much.