I have asked and, I’ll ask again; how do I get rid of pimples without pimple patches????

Annika N.
Simplify your skin care routine, take one day a week where you do absolutely nothing to yo face (except maybe water) and do facial massages daily. Do research on Korean and Japanese skincare, many tips on more of the same. I learned everything from my East Asia skincare research and cured my cystic acne in 3 months.

Leah J.
Pimple patches are way too abrasive and can actually damage the collagen in your skin. First, let’s look at your skincare routine? Do you have one? A good one should have a cleanser and balancing moisturizer. This balances the pH in your skin, if your skin is dehydrated – it creates oil to compensate. Oily is not the same as hydration. If it’s hormonal acne, you will likely need a toner as well. If you are like me, you have to exfoliate often. Next, let’s look at your health. Your skin reflects your internal organs. My diet is restrictive due to allergies and acid reflux, but I also have issues with dairy. If I have dairy, I WILL break out. If your acne is severe, you may want to monitor your diet, and anything else you notice. Your appendix, liver, or other organs having issues can also increase your likelihood of having acne.

Sarah F.
Hi so I had so many pimples and acne and I hated my self for it , just focus on healthy eating and use cera ve face wash and keep your face clean , u can also use the ordinary it’s very good it helped me