What’s the simplest skincare routine?

Aoife Z.
Cleanse, tone and finally moisturise! Twice daily. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. If you want better results, steam your face before cleansing to really open up your pores.

Eleonora F.
(First sorry for my english) I use lots of products but I think that the most important are -cleaner -serum or gel -moisturizing cream

Hannah Z.
We have different ways. My skincare routine is like this:
-Wash face(every morning when you wake up)
-I put some sunscreen and moisturizer
-in nighttime I use facial foam,face mask,and ice cubes (if you have open pores)
hope that helps ^^

Lora A.
I am really interested in skincare..So I can safely say that moisturizer, some sort of cleanser (no to the make-up wipes), and sunscreen are skincare basics. Micelar things are cute, but a waste of your money. Additions: Hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, among many other things are a good way to go, just make sure you understand what your skin truly needs. It does not matter if your skin type is oily, if your skin is dry right now, you heal what you have right now and not what you had.

Marie Q.
Wash your face morning and night, no matter what, and follow with a gentle moisturizer. Change your pillowcase frequently.
Always use sunscreen in the morning.
Add serums or face masks into the mix as desired, but always do the above.

Mellie E.
The simplest skincare routine, if you no troubles you want to address, is still more than one step. What I have found easiest to integrate is to wash with a gentle cleanser in the morning and night, followed by a lightweight moisturizer. In the morning, you should also then apply sunscreen, before your makeup if you are going to wear any. I like to treat the nightly event as a pampering self care ritual. I don't always spend a long time on it, but I try to be calm and unhurried. On very stressful days I will also use a jade face roller and massage my whole face during moisturizing. If you have dry, oily, sensitive, or acne prone skin, you may need to experiment with your cleanser(s) and the weight of your moisturizer.

Aigerim A.
For me, the most straightforward and most comfortable skincare just takes a quick shower for 4-5 minutes when I woke up and before bed. Then moisture my skincare. It means keeping CLEAN, and MOISTURE (oil, cream, lotion, serum, etc.) build rich daily habits And don't cheat on yourself. And of course, all your lifestyle depends on your skin conditions.

Jenny U.
Washing your face with a mild soap and then applying moisturiser. It doesn’t need to be scented (actually, perfume can be irritating for the skin) or have any crazy ingredients. The most crucial thing is probably to be consistent. If you can find a moisturiser with sun screen, that’s a huge plus.

Zayneb Y.
Cleanse your skin to remove all the dirt from it
Use a toner to prepare your skin for the next products
Exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of dead cells
Moisturize your skin to keep it soft and nourished

Camille P.
I would say to use cleanser and moisturizer, check what type of skin you have and depending on that, buy the product with each characteristic

Rachael Z.
Get face wipes. They're way faster than using a face wash and don't require you to shower, tie your hair back, rinse soap off. They're often a bit more gentle than face wash too.

Fiza F.
Double cleanse with luke warm water then tone and apply eye cream and moisturize, this is the basic and simplest skincare I do and think is the best!!!

Sohan E.
Moisturizer, SPF and wash your face twice a day. In morning and at night. And if you can spray rose water as a toner before your moisturizer. This is a minimal and perfect skin care routine. I hope it was useful for you

Hansiana C.
Wash your face with an unscented soap and put ice on your face grab some ice and rub it everywhere on your face and you should see results in 4 days it worked for me

Mars X.
Make sure you have a good cleaning system. Depending on if you wear makeup or any sunscreen of any type during the day you will want a cleanser that gets all that off. Like a makeup melt or micellar water. Then if you want you can do a mask (not every day tho because that tires your skin!). Last but DEFINITELY not least- moisturize! Whether you have oily, combo or dry skin make sure to moisturize. It balances your skin out and leaves it at the perfect medium if you have

Mariapia Y.
First you absolutely need to clean your face with a cleanser. If you wear make up then first wipe if off with an oily make up remover then use a cleanser that isnt too rough on your skin. Then put on moisturiser and sun screen!! Pf 50+ is the minimum. Thats the simpliest one. You can buy cheaper products if you look up the brand "the ordinary" or korean skin care on sites like yesstyle.

Lora A.
I am really into skincare and let me tell you there is lot of discussion going on about ingredients. But all dermatologist agree that it's best to have a morning and night routine. It takes only 3 basic things. A cleanse (best is to have a balm or a face gel), moisturizer and a sunscreen (prevent aging). For Am routine its best to do all three. For evening you don't need sunscreen, maybe add an active ingredient if you like. Make sure you give your skin what it needs too, maybe it doesn't need a morning cleanse, because it dries your skin,maybe you need an exfoliation here and there (chemical and enzymatic are considered best). Listen to your skin, take care of your skin barier. And put that sunscreen on (no your vitamin D is fine if you eat healthy, no need for sun exposure). Also don't forget your feet, lips, scalp, hands. They also need some skincare.

Purple S.
I cleanse in the shower every evening and then apply some hidrating night cream. It keeps my skin vibrant all through the next day. Add some fancy eye cream if you want a fancy bonus ☺️

Isabelle U.
I am a teenager so I use face wash once or twice a week and drink 6 bottles of water everday and wash my face at the end of the when I am going to sleep

B A N.
Twice a day:
Cleanse (I use a facial wipe, that removes makeup and impurities, and very gently exfoliates)
Tone(pure rose water spray)
Moisturize(cold pressed, essential rose hip oil, which has natural vitamin c, and vitamin a), which I massage upwards onto my face, neck and neckline, for a minute..
Optional moisturizer/eye cream, using rose hip oil as serum layer.
*In the morning, you can add a (tinted?) moisturizer with spf, if you use electronic screens, artificial lighting, or otherwise won’t be getting ‘safe’ early/late sunlight.
1-2x/week, place a mask for 5-20min, after cleansing.( I multitask, and clean the bathroom!)

Lavinia Z.
My simplest skincare routine is , I wash my face with cleanser , pay it down with a towel after and then Exfoliate the skin and then and I use serum on my cheeks and then I use a drop of redness moisturizer on my forehead and then I moisturize my entire face !

Albert G.
Depends on skin type. Usually it's wash the face with a gentle cleanser meant for the face, then moisturize with a facial cream

Bianca Z.
I use a brand called simple its good for senstive skin you can get it at walmart then i use “the ordinary hylronic acid” good for dry skin and then cerva moisture to finish it. I think its pretty easy and quick and gets you good results for your skin

Liberty Z.
The simplest skincare routine would be a cleanser, to remove dirt, and a moisturizer, to keep your skin from drying out. I would suggest something a bit more complex if you're trying to target any specific problem areas, such as acne. What products work best for you is for you to decide, as the genetic makeup of skin is different for each person. What works for me, might not work for you. Experiment, but exercise caution in trying many products. Your skin is your largest organ, take good care of it.

Katherine V.
I clean my face with alcohol 3 times a week, peroxide 4 times a week and hydrate my skin by drinking half my body weight in ounces daily before I can have coffee and /or tea.