Is it a bad thing to take a nap after taking a shower at midday?

Cecilia N.
It depends on what you have done during your morning routine. If you had done a great effort, mostly like running a lot or even studying hard, then it might be great to take a shower and then a 30 minutes nap to start your afternoon routine as fresh as you possible.
Lily Z.
I wouldn’t see any harm in doing that as you are not going to get any more dirty after having a shower especially if your sheets are clean! Just make sure that you don’t take like a 2 hour nap as that could put off your sleep schedule
Mah Z.
No i don’t think so.. if you feel like taking a nap go ahead and snooze, make sure that the nap is really needed and will make you energized. If you think that you will sleep for note than 30 minutes make sure that the nap doesn’t affect the rest of your day negatively and it doesn’t affect your sleeping pattern at night.
Be relaxed.. be fabulous 💐
Muhammad Q.
The best time to have a nap is around one hour before noon, or one hour after that.

Afternoon nap 😴 is considered the worst