Do you pamper yourself?

Pascal T.
All the time. I think pampering yourself is an important part of self-care. I’ll use different mask, make myself a fancy drink or meal.
Homero T.
No. I don't.
I think I should.
I think I would enjoy it.
I think that I would feel better firing and there, because I tend to consider all self-care "pampering," superfluous, and not-essential.
I think that pampering would signal to myself that I believe my body and I are worth it.
I think sending that signal to my partner, and the world, may alter their regard of me. And perhaps, probably, hopefully, cue my partner to similarly support, value, and invest in & improve himself. And grant permission to the world to similarly care for ourselves and have
Tamil I.
No. Not yet started to . I started leading my life impampered or unpampered whatever,when my father died. Until he was there he pampered me so much and gave me motivation and when he left me all alone (not in the way that I have no one)but they are there but not. After he left me behind,till date I have no one to pamper me and I am not able to pamper myself.