What is your skincare routine?

Susi U.
I wet my face with a cloth, then use a salicylic acid face wash. I rinse that off, then follow with an application of witch hazel astringent. Follow with oil-free moisturizer.
Elizabeth T.
I wash my face every night with shead and shoulders and moisturize with coconut oil/tea tree oil. I also use birts bees eye cream
Anna J.
Remove makeup with coconut oil and micellar gel, cleanse with a tea tree face wash, use a toner, moisturise then apply a hydrating oil
Healing E.
I wash my face with infused honey everyday. Honey is antibacterial, and very healing to the skin. It is also a natural humectant so it holds in moisture. I infuse it with rosemary, lavender and rose petals because of the skin healing benefits of those herbs and apply it like a mask. I leave it on 5-10 mins and wash it off with warm water. I use my own version of Rosemary's perfect cream (you can Google the recipe) to apply daily. This is so nourishing to the skin. In the evening I use a cotton pad and Thayers rose witch hazel (Thayers has no alcohol which is dying and not good for facial skin) to clean my face before bed.
Julie P.
I really mix it up and use lots of different actives. My mainstays are cleanser, toner, retinol, and moisturiser at night. In the morning I replace the retinol with vitamin c. I love trying lots of new skincare products though.
Marina A.
2x per day Clinique cleanser, micellar water, clinique clarifying lotion, morning- clinique face cream, night- neutrogena cream, 1 x per week- clinique 7 day exfoliating scrub