What is your evening grooming routine and when do you start it?

Ayesha W.
First I do oiling on my hair after one or half an hour I take a bath,after it wash my hand continuosly due to covid-19,cut my nail comb my hair , moisturize my body,comb my hair thats all
Corie Y.
My evening grooming routine is my new skin care routine. At night I was my face with foaming cleanser. Next is toner. I use FAB first aid beauty facial radiance pads. The rest is all Clinique. My retin A serum all over face. Around my eyes, the outer orbit, and bottom of cheeksjawline , I use custom repair serum , cover with multi dimensional age transforming revolumize moisturizer. Then I cover the rest : majority of my face with custom repair moisturizer
Bonnie S.
I used to have one right after the kids went to bed. I'd was and take care of my face. I really need to get back to that
Amanda G.
Ideally at 21:00, but no later than 23:00. Computer away, not in bedroom. Warm shower. Skin care and brush teeth. Fill water bottle. Smoke weed. Earplugs. Read book, at least one chapter or until falling asleep. Lights out.