How does grooming improve your mental health?

Anoushka I.
There are many ways to look at it. The most important one being, on the days when you’re feeling low and do not have the energy to do basic tasks like bathing, eating, etc. grooming yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment and adds a ray of positivity to your gloomy mood. It also helps with maintaining your hygiene, if you’re struggling with being consistent on those tasks. On some days when I’m in a good place mentally, I enjoy grooming and getting ready even if I’m staying in. So, whenever I can, I try to get into grooming when I’m low so that my mind interprets it as a sign of being happy and cheery. But at the same time, I know that it is not something I’ve to do everyday hook or by crook, because the compulsion makes it another chore that I’ve to do, and also because if it’s something I’m doing everyday I do not get the joy of grooming and getting ready as a special occurrence since it’s just another day. Hope this helps!
Vanity J.
After breakfast. I personally prefer green tea over coffee in the morning because of its benefits. If I am in the mood for coffee, I’ll drink it after I have put something on my stomach.
Jasmine R.
makes you feel like you care about yourself and your image and the way you present yourself is important
it means you have self pride
Grace N.
When I take the time to look after myself and take pride in my appearance, first I feel worthy of my own attention and my own love, and then secondly – others attention and love. It makes me feel like I’m somebody worthy of taking care of ❤️
Ekkehard R.
Having a daily routine makes my life organized and it is very important that the existence of this program has improved the quality of my life.
Nimo O.
Grooming yourself can be a major confidence boost, as you look good and make yourself feel good. Being mindful while grooming can also make you feel calm, and immerse yourself in the feeling that you are nurturing a better version of yourself. It can also increase your self-esteem, which can be seen as similar to confidence, but you feel good about yourself.
Beatriz F.
It's been scientifically proven that the more we look at someone and the more we live good moments with someone more attached and love we feel for them. The more you look at yourself in the mirror, the more you learn to look and appreciate yourself.
Kristen U.
When I start my day with a grooming routine, it makes me feel as though I’m prepared to take on the day and any challenges that come with it.
Garibaldo Y.
Because to do my hair I often do very complex and difficult braids so I get a clear challenge and then if I complete the braid I get to have fancy hair for the day.
Buhlebenkosi M.
It really gives me a little time to myself. To really focus on what's happening. Me! I feel very important in the process because I'm also getting pretty. My mental health is improved in the sense that I feel better about myself
Lily Q.
I believe my body is my home and I always want to feel good in my body so I try to groom myself and take care of my body as much as I can. Grooming yourself can come in many forms and you do as your heart desires. Even exercising in my opinion is a way to groom yourself because you are improving your physical appearance so technically you're going to fall in love more with yourself. Of course you should love yourself the way that you are but if you love yourself enough you should always want to look better and improve that self and I belive an important part of it is your physical appearance. I'm not talking about makeup or hiding your acne I'm talking about healing it and having a better diet, exercising, always looking good and pulled together, always smelling nice, keeping a great hygiene, and eating less junk food so you don't feel tired and clumpy, feeling always fresh, good, plump. Try to add daily selfcare habits and time for beautifying yourself however you want and in any way that's fun to you and you will definitely feel better about yourself.
Mahmut C.
Grooming improves my mental health because it gives me a sense of accomplishment, pride, confidence and self-love in myself
Henrikke G.
Grooming helps you feel refreshed. It's a cleansing ritual which helps you feel in control – a groomed and well-kept exterior can help your mind feel energised and tidy too.
Wanda Q.
The more I take care of my appearance look good the more healthy I feel and become and it builds my confidence in return. Grooming could also take the form of sleeping exercise which your body more relaxed free form tension and increase my productivity and well being … So grooming for me is top notch.
Noemi T.
I think, “grooming yourself” has everything to do with you feeling good about yourself. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. If you don’t want to wear makeup, don’t wear it. If you do, do whatever freakin color you want to do.
Adam Z.
When I take the time to groom myself each morning I'm presenting myself for the day. It's my time I've given myself in my chaos, I have 3 boys that I get ready as well as myself. It helps me mentally prepare for the day, calm my mind and nerves before I walk out the door into the public. As well as say any affirmations to myself or even play a few of my favorite songs to help boost my mood. Also taking the time knowing I brushed my hair,teeth, washed my face, putting on Deodorant and making sure I looked clean helps my anxiety after I step out the door going into the public of the workforce. Small things can build up if your work environment puts you with people all day long, and knowing that you did these things will help build your confidence, self appreciation and esteem.
Silas W.
Grooming helps me feel good in the morning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to keep me motivated throughout the day. It’s a perfect fresh start to every day.
Malo Y.
It makes me love my self and I also like to brush my hair and it feels so smooth and silky and I also love my myself when I am looking at myself in the mirror
Ernest Z.
It makes me feel grounded and helps me be in the present. As I take care of myself I unconsciously show love and compassion towards myself. The very act of grooming is showing how much you love yourself through self-care.
Celeste P.
For me. It makes me feel better about self. Make your self look better, you feel better. I think, little pampering never hurt nobody. Helps you appreciate yourself.
Erich S.
Grooming improves yours mental health because when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, it makes things easier to do and get by faster which make you feel even better. When you feel great, the positive vibes radiate from you and get passed on to everyone else which uplifts people to a certain extent. You can make good impressions on others if you are well groomed and have a good attitude.