Yes. Should i brush my hair everyday?

Konul Z.
I think you should.Actually i do this twice a day.First when i get up in the morning ajd second when i go to bed at night to sleep.I think it makes our hair relax and healthy
Zo C.
Definitely brush your hair everyday. I understand that it may be hard for you, but you don’t want your hair to begin to get matted or greasy. Don’t worry, you can do this!
Mia P.
All depends on the hair type. My hair type is natural curls and brushing my hair only causes unnecessary breakage. I brush my hair when its wet and have moisture in it to little the breakage. Straight hair I believe can brush everyday. Although if your naturally curl i wouldnt suggest brushing or combing unless you are styling it for the day.
Solandis M.
It depends on your hair type ! For some people with sensitive scalps it's better to have less frequent brushing , but I personally believe that once a day is perfectly enough for everyone ! It helps make u look a lot more put together effortlessly and the massaging effect bristle tips have on your scalp help circulate blood flow allowing your hair to be kept in a better condition and even grow better ! Good luck with your hair friend !
Solandis M.
Yes , but it sometimes depends on hair type and scalp sensitivity, on general it is better to bring in more blood flow by brushing the scalp so I'd say do it !