Do you have a day set aside for deep grooming like a spa day even if it is in your own home?

Onyx Z.
Yeah, I do my best to set time aside at least once a week to pamper myself and get a nice hot bath in and get my skin feeling extra nice. I'll pair it with a nice dinner to go with, and then just chill. Its absolutely fantastic for relaxing after a rough week.
Prud Ncio E.
I regularly don’t have a special day like that, but I have a specific time (usually in the morning and at night before bed) for grooming every day.
Mario V.
La domenica sarebbe un giorno adatto perché poi inizia il resto della settimana, non lo uso ancora come giorno prestabilito ma lo farò per avere costanza
Felix Y.
Yes! I have neglected my hair for so long that it's falling 😮 , be aware girls long periods of stress and hair that is constantly tied up in a bun makes it break easily. So I've set a day per week (Saturday) to take care of myself a bit more. It's hard to get it into the routine. But I'm glad it's working out
Ari O.
I am traing to have spa day every day at my home. Bathroom is mz save space. Grooming myself bring me confidence and peace.
Thushara A.
Not yet, I have thought about it and decided on Sundays, I have even decided on my routine for it, but have not been able to do it regularly. Will definitely try to start from this week
Nicoline G.
No but I wish I did. Sometimes I like to have an 'everything' shower in the evening where I wash hair, shave, moisturize etc
Lizzy F.
Of course! I love to take a day off from the stresses of work and life to really just focus on myself. An at-home spa is just the thing I need to relax when I'm feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. I'll take the day to be away from my phone so I'm not distracted by flashy social media posts and influencer vlogs that tend to make me feel like i need to be more than i am. It really grounds me and helps me to feel good in my own skin. After all, the only person you really need to impress- is yourself!
Robert Z.
No, never. However, now you mention it I believe it is time to maybe set aside a Sunday maybe once every 2 weeks. I could use this time for a deep grooming and relaxation to take my mind off stressful and irritating thoughts.
Crista F.
Yes I spend one day on the weekend giving myself some excellent self care with all the Right essential oils care products also nails are done Evan toe nails.
Autumn E.
I have set aside two days a week, Fridays and Sundays, to do an at home self care routine that includes nail care and facial cleanses.
Tobias E.
Ummmm sometimes I mostly do a “ all shower” basically I do a whole face wash set including face mask and more and wash my hair.
Madushana W.
On weekends yes I do… pedicure, face & body… since I have enough time. During weekdays I tend to keep a small routine before going to after and in the evening.
Adrianna C.
No. Unfortunately, my week is busy, but it would be great to have one. If you have a chance to organise such things, use it!
Hermine U.
Yes, I am able to set aside a spa day to just foucus on the good in life and it is relaxing also its something that anit stressful.
Alena O.
Yes usually. When I do, I plan out a day for a full bath and hair mask/facemask/shave day. I have not been good at keeping up with it lately though
Filippa W.
Yes i have a monthly routine, i will clean my skin with toner and i will put a boiled towel with lavender and mint on my face for 10 minute then i will deep clean my blackheads and at the end i will use a soothing lotion and herbal healing oil like jojoba.
Tha S T.
pretty much, i just try to wash and take care of my hygiene everyday, and the amount of time i have influences how much time i can use on self care (skincare, shower, hair care), obviously staying clean everyday. But on sunday for example, i have way more time than on tuesday morning to wash and get clean, so i have time to maybe do a face mask or a hair treatment!
Lori O.
Absolutely, yes! Time for grooming either once a week or every other week can be rejuvenating and a great way to show care for yourself. I like to do a facial to cleanse my skin, a manicure to maintain my nail beds, and a dry brush on my skin to support circulation. It’s also good for me to remember that the skin is largest organ in our body, so deep grooming is just as valuable as a diet cleanse, taking medication, or exercise.
Alli F.
During my Self Love challenge I decided to tackle mindfulness and removing negative self talk by taking myself out for a massage. It felt amazing. I can be really hard on myself regarding my appearance so I followed this up with a face mask on the couch while I sipped my favourite peppermint tea. I felt wonderful at the end of the day. I would love to add this special treat to my life regularly.
Lindsay E.
Sunday is my self car spa day! It often isn’t a full at home spa like day, but at minimum that’s when I do a special face mask/extra stuff for my face. I also recently signed up for a spa membership at a local spa I love and have gone to for years so that I forces me to get at least a great quality massage once a month. Lastly I actually have a full me day once month. I take a pto day from work once a month when my kids are in school/husband at work and do what we I want to do that day that makes me happy.
Pruu U N.
i do not. it would be great, i will think about making time for it, but i currently am a lot bit overwhelmed with school and such
Leah F.
I actually do not because I’m very busy with school and do not have any time after or before because I only wake up at six and I have to be at school by eight and I have no time after because I have activities like cheer and other activities
Ashley N.
Yes and no. When I used to work a consistent schedule I would get home Saturday Morning and use my bath bombs and masks and relax. Make coffee and breakfast I don't have often. But now I just go for it when I need a little extra me time. I keep a few things on hand for these little self care "emergencies" do what feels right for you.