Do you have a day set aside for deep grooming like a spa day even if it is in your own home?

Prud Ncio E.
I regularly don’t have a special day like that, but I have a specific time (usually in the morning and at night before bed) for grooming every day.

Felix Y.
Yes! I have neglected my hair for so long that it's falling 😮 , be aware girls long periods of stress and hair that is constantly tied up in a bun makes it break easily. So I've set a day per week (Saturday) to take care of myself a bit more. It's hard to get it into the routine. But I'm glad it's working out

Lindsay E.
Sunday is my self car spa day! It often isn’t a full at home spa like day, but at minimum that’s when I do a special face mask/extra stuff for my face. I also recently signed up for a spa membership at a local spa I love and have gone to for years so that I forces me to get at least a great quality massage once a month. Lastly I actually have a full me day once month. I take a pto day from work once a month when my kids are in school/husband at work and do what we I want to do that day that makes me happy.

Pruu U N.
i do not. it would be great, i will think about making time for it, but i currently am a lot bit overwhelmed with school and such

Robert Z.
No, never. However, now you mention it I believe it is time to maybe set aside a Sunday maybe once every 2 weeks. I could use this time for a deep grooming and relaxation to take my mind off stressful and irritating thoughts.