how do you deal with bad hair day?

Olivia Z.
I try to find ways to fix it. Like if my hair down is frizzy and a mess, I try to put it up into something that isn’t the best, but not as bad. I also just try to ignore it and do my own thing. It happens to everyone.
Elena O.
I don't deal… I always have hair problems because I suffer from thricotillomania, and so I got used to see my hair like a thing not to think about because I know I could do nothing… 🙁
Christina S.
Dealing with a bad hair day, well first I determine how much time I have. I look myself in the mirror chuckle a bit and then if I have enough time I just wash it then style it. If I don’t have a lot of time I see what type of hair products I have. Boxer braids are my go to for a bad hair day. Hope this works some.
Izzy N.
i just lift sections and sprits it with water till it’s damp and scrunch it then let it air dry; i have curly hair. with straight or wavy hair you can also just sprits it with water till it’s damp and comb through it then let it air dry
Francisco Q.
On a bad hair day I just brush my hair and but it in a low ponytail. Even if it looks frizzy I can’t see it so it doesn’t matter. Kinda wish my hair was like those Pinterest girls doh
Shaye Y.
I have biracial hair, so it gets a bit questionable-looking on day 2 and day 3 after wash-day. on those days, I am usually content to either refresh my curls with some product, or just wear it up. most importantly, I try to remember to be kind to myself and not sweat the small stuff since I know that my hair is healthy and I've come a long way with accepting and embracing my natural hair. there is a lot to appreciate about my curls, even though they have a mind of their own sometimes!
Ната Лямина N.
Это большинство дней. Ничего не делаю, делаю дела. Надеюсь, что если делать дела, ситуация станет лучше. Спортом заниматься, например.
Jennifer Y.
I deal with a bad hair day by taking some time to treat the hair. Don’t get mad at it, don’t get frustrated. Your hair is just suffering a bit because of your negligence. Take a quick shower, wash your hair, try some leave in conditioner, a quick hair mask, and get going!
Lloyd E.
it depends on my hair length! Back when I had longer hair I would just put it in a ponytail. Now that it's short (above ears) my preferred method is using a beanie to cover it all!
Marta F.
Well, I'm at home all the time lately, but I would wash my hair. That way I can dry it the way I want. If that doesnt help I make a tight ponytail and I move on. If that doesnt work I just give up :)) a bad hair day is not a disaster
Anna F.
I usually have a “yeah.. I’m not gonna mess with this” hair-do to fall back on. At the moment that is an easy messy bun. It keeps my hair out of my face and usually looks “okay” for the most part.
Mari O.
Lol I have them most days just now got a toddler and no time for myself I just scrape it into a bobble n spray with hairspray then avoid contact with the mirror the rest if the day 😬👩‍👧
Ermelinda F.
Bad hair could mean a number of things… Maybe its not your hair? Slow down. Breathe. It's not the end of the world. Tomorrow may be better. Feel your feelings today, but they can change. Do what you can. You've got this, friend.
Evan E.
Bad hair day? Not that bad if you have curls and know exactly how to refresh them in the morning instead of brushing it. Curly hair (any curl type, waves and afro curls count too) should not be brushed in the morning, like straight hair, but refreshes instead. You can do it by spraying some water on it and adding a decent amount of your favorite curl cream or a leave-in conditioner. On any hair type, dry shampoo can be used as well, but not if it dries out your hair, so keep that in mind too. But I suggest you to stick to a proper hair care routine that works well for your unique hair type and use mild cleanser to wash it and condition properly, and you'll have less bad hair days! But if necessary, especially if you don't have much time to do or refresh your hair in the morning, just tie it up in a cute ponytail or a messy bun and you're ready to conquer the day!
Haley Z.
If I have time, I won’t have a bad hair day first off. If I don’t have time, then a half knot is usually the goto, or a beany or hat, depending on the rules of wear I’m going sometimes hats aren’t allowed. On a good bad hair day I won’t leave the house. Same with the weather, sometimes I can’t figure out what to wear, on those days I stay home.