What do you do to groom yourself?

Sparkle O.
It’s a pretty simple routine for everyday that’s designed to be quick and manageable but leave me feeling good about myself.

I like to shower before bed so when I wake up in the morning I’m fresh and have clean hair. I cleanse and moisturise my skin. I then put in my halo hair extension and select my jewellery for the day 😊

Trude Y.
If you have long hair: I always try to braid my hair before I go to bed — it prevents damage and makes it easier to manage in the morning.
Soraya N.
Shower, shave. Wash face/exfoliate. Apply toner, spot acne cream, lotion. Put leave in conditioner. Blow dry and iron hair. Apply oil to extensions and straighten them. Apply self Tanner. Do nails, acrylic or other glue on. Paint toe nails and nails.
Laure I.
I brush my teeth, remove my make-up, wash my face with a charcoal soap after which I put night cream on. Makes me feel ready to go to bed.
Laura Z.
Take off make up, clense face, bath, moisturise. Brush teeth, floss. Apply face mask 1 a week. Deep condition hair once a week. Ever 2 weeks thread and colour eyebrows. Every 2 weeks reapply nail colour, while 1 a month full pedicure. Hair cut and colour every 8 week. Every 6 months teeth check up, clean and whiten
Ramona P.
Shower, brush hair, style hair with Vaseline, bounce curls, brush teeth, lotions face lotions, foot creams, get dressed. More natural look, no make-up
Rina V.
I groom myself with a peptalk a deep stare into myself excepting every single floor send me knowing that I am the baddest in the prettiest of them all and try to look good for me not for anyone else because Looking good makes you feel good
Kerry Y.
Brush teeth, clean face and moisturise. Bepanthan on any spots if I breaking out and brush my hair though I don't know what good that does I always end up like a hair bear in the morning!!!
Bertram C.
I usually clean my skin with appropriate products, use products to hydrate skin and hair and brush my hair. If I am going out, put some make up and a nice clothes. If don't, only a clean and comfortable clothe is fine.
Mimi I.
Being on Zoom almost every day has made me more aware of how my skin appears. When I touched my face, it used to feel dry. I now take a few more minutes in my grooming to moisturize mindfully. Now when I touch my face it feels healthy!
Sheila C.
I count this as washing my face, applying moisturizer, doing my hair and basically either being ready to face the day or get ready for bed time 🙂 it's really important to spend a few minutes pampering yourself each day. It's an act of self- love I don't go without any more.
April J.
Clean my face with a makeup remover wipe.

Apply Moisturizer/lotion/oil to my face, and often my legs and arms.
Every other day apply dermatology level face cream.

Take out the bands or clips in my hair and let it fall free.

Andrew R.
Get out of bed and drink water, with my medication and some yogurt. Hop in shower, then after while drying off I'll brush teeth, and apply deodorant.

On self care days, or especially dirty work days I'll usually do a face mask, nail treatment kinda, ears and floss.

Arndt T.
I usually shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, use mouthwash, deodorant, face and eye cream, and brush my hair. If I’m not taking a shower on any given day, I do all the rest.
Kp N.
Wax, tweeze, shave, wash, wash again, makeup. Curl, wash, smoothie, water, coffee, veggie, fruit, clip, dye, wash, exfoliate, exfoliate again, lotion, lotion, lotion. I’m exhausted!
Mitchell E.
I love to put on a face mask (charcoal is amazing) and then take a nice long shower. Then I put on some moisturizer, preferably scented. If it's in the morning I can do makeup too.
Ac Rsio S.
When I “groom myself” on a regular basis, I just brush my teeth, wash my hands and face, and That’s about it. But when I have a special went or if I’m going someplace I do my hair, brush my teeth, put perfume on, put lotion on, get dressed, and sometimes I do my earrings.
Geri N.
It's actually the hardest task on my list. I brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, washed my hands, washed my face and still had 5 minutes left. I decided to pluck my brows with the extra time today. Idk what I'll do with it tomorrow. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️
Ashley O.
I wake up. Brush my hair. Brush my teeth. Quickly wash my face in the morning.

Wash hands throughout the day.

Take a shower in the evening. Brush teeth again. Wash face.

Olivia U.
I usually brush my hair because my depression gets in the way of that a lot. It also helps move the natural oils your hair creates throughout your hair making it healthier. In the morning if I am doing something I will put on mascara, and after I wash my face I make sure to either moisturize or put on sunscreen depending on my activities.
Luna Z.
I massage my body to feel at peace. I wash my face and shower with organic products. I get my nails and hair done at the salon to properly groom myself.