How do I get rid of clogged pores?

Uamdao A.
There are so many clips on YouTube about this. But three key routines are regular exfoliation, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding foods and pollutants that cause inflammatory or allergic reactions to your body. As for the skincare products, start from doing your research on the Internet and YouTube.
Yashika F.
For improving your clogged pores you can use these four ways.
1 ) apply charcoal mask which is easily available in market or you can make it at home using activated charcoal and gelatin
2 ) massage on your clogged pores with face serum essential for clogged pores you can buy it from market or make it at home also , for making massaging face serum good for clogged pores you have to take a spoonful of aloe vera gel , 2 capsules of Vitamin E and little glycerine (optional) mix all ingredients apply it on your affected area with clogged pores massage for 7 to 10 minutes leave it for 2 to 5 minutes and wash it off use it for 15 to 20 days and you will see some improvement.
3) use walnut scrub you can easily buy from market you can make it at home for making walnut Scrub take handful of Walnuts Crush them make them little scrubby not completely powder add yoghurt and little bit Aloevera Gel mix all ingredients and Scrub on your face for 5 to 7 minutes and then wash it off use it everyday you will see improvement in 2 weeks.
4) use equi plus cream which is easily available in market if it is not available in your area you can use above three ways to reduce clogged pores.
Ardingue A.
I am not a skin care specialist or anyone who is in that field, but what I like to use is charcoal masks and nose strips
Leonildo A.
Regularly cleanse the face.
EXFOLIATING is the key to get rid of clogged pores. Make it twice a week as much as possible.
Jennifer Q.
Look for a good clay mask. After cleansing, use an exfoliating scrub and gently massage your face (not eyes) with it. Rinse it off. Use a toner and on a cotton pad sweep it all over your face. Apply the clay mask. Rinse. Use the toner again to sweep away any excess dead skin, etc. A Niacinamide serum is great for pores! MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE! Use the mask no more than maybe 3x a week. You will begin to see results after the first week.
Martins P.
Clogged pores are usually caused by the buildup of oils and dead skin cells. Exfoliating the skin approx 2-3 times per week, dependent on your skin type (3 times for very oily) can help unblock pores. You can exfoliate your skin using a face mask. Consider getting some professional advice about your skin type and the best products for your skin. Good luck.
Lars T.
Wash your face regulary, twice a day so that you unclog them from dirt and oils. You can also go get a facial, that should help too.
Cl Mentine C.
You should maintain a skincare routine, try some products with salicylic acid, my recommendation is any gel cleanser from La Roche Posay.
Sunshine N.
I use a facial scrub a couple times a week, and always try to wash away all my makeup before bedtime. I work with skincare and I think it's really important to know your skin type and to choose the products that works best for your skin. It can cost a bit, but it will be so worth it at the end (and your skin will thank you later in life, I promise! 😘🙏🏻💕
Madison N.
Good question! I recommend exfoliating once a week with a gentle exfoliator if you have sensitive skin, and wash your face everyday, once in the morning and once at night, and avoid using vaseline on your face, and avoid using baby oil on your face, they both might clog your pores and make them worse, I have also tried using peel-off masks, they remove the dirt from your pores and leave you feeling fresh!
Mia Y.
Clogged pores can be quickly cleaned with pore strips or an exfoliation. But to really clear your pores, you're going to have to do daily skin care and give a break to heal and clear.
Evelyne P.
I try to cleanse my face every night but sometimes I forget and my skin shows. There is this new product from L’Oréal with a seven day cure that also helps renew the skin. It’s kind of a mini acidpeeling at home. It is supposed to be for fine wrinkles and pigment marks, but it also cleared my acne. For a little while^^ but maybe if your skin starts renewing the pores may have the chance to ‘open’ again and you can get rid of the dirt trapped inside.

I’m no scientist, so my methodes are not proved but with my own experience I really think this could work!

Have a nice day and good luck!

Ralf G.
Find a face mask (I recommend Aztec facial clay) wash your face everyday and start watching skincare by hyram on YouTube🙂 good luck!!!!
Karolina U.
Using clay masks locks moisture in, and soaks up the excess oil in order to get rid of clogged pores. Using extracting tools, exfoliating with lactic acid.
Anthi M.
You may see an improvement if you change your cosmetics. Otherwise it is better to get a professional opinion, especially if it acne