Do you spend longer than 10 minutes grooming yourself or exactly 10?

Aziz N.
It’s about 15 -20 if I include hair and everything else as well as make up. It actually shorter than I would have guessed!

Avimehta N.
I count the shower and grooming time together. Also I do have a quick morning routine— five minute moisturiser and spf, and I rarely wear makeup but that too is a five minute routine. I usually pick out my clothes before going into the shower so yea.. never taken longer

Kirsten N.
I spend around 10 minutes doing grooming activities. I include not just brushing my hair but flossing, brushing my teeth, washing my face, cleaning out my ears, plucking my eyebrows. Though I do enjoy spending a good amount of time just slowly brushing my hair.

Christine Z.
That varies. My grooming rituals change based on day, time of year & I sometimes just have a few minutes of grooming, sometimes I have over 30 mins