What do you do as a short grooming routine? What do you do every day as a must?

Ava P.
I Älwāys remember to wash my hand after doing any work because we don't stop our hand to touch face so it is very important to us

Alma Y.
Short would be quick brush of the teeth and just grabbing hair in a bun. Ideally I would like to be able to brush teeth, exfoliate my face, hydrate and actually come my hair and a must…… mascara

Rubie C.
I have really oily facial skin, so I make sure to work in the lather of my cleanser for at least 1 minute whenever I wash my face before I rinse off. The "60 Seconds" rule, as it is referred to, is really a game changer for truly getting rid of dirt and other impurities in the skin and seriously reducing the incidence of breakouts, instead of just rushing through the process like we normally would. You should reeeeally give it a try if you aren't already a faithful adherent like me! 😉

Marilyn F.
I either choose to take a shower or wash my face+change my clothes (and then take a shower at night).
Always do my hair, brush my teeth. That's all 🙂

Alban E.
In the mornings I get dressed for my day, I brush my hair, apply make up if the day calls for it, and apply facial creams when needed. After coffee and food I brush my teeth, floss, occasionally use my tongue scrubber, and mouthwash.

Genesis S.
I brush my teeth and wash my face using my skincare products. Take a quick shower and make sure to apply enough oils for the day

Ila S.
I brush my hair quickly. Put it up and go take a shower. Brushing my teeth and doing most skincare in the shower. Get out and moistureize and put on sunscreen. That is the absolute bare minimum for me. Extras are doing my makeup(That is not just conseler) or taking the extra time to do my nails.

Crissy F.
I take care of my body every day. I shower , moisturize and try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I try to be consistent with my skin care every morning and every night. I floss brush my teeth and use mouth wash everyday to make sure I have nice clean mouth.
Every week I have a full body self care routine where I try to tend to every aspect of my body. I shave, exfoliate, wash my hair, cut my nails and paint them if I feel like painting them. I do face masks and so forth. These things make me feel good about my body because it feels like I'm decluttering my body if that makes sense. I feel like I'm taking off the weight from the week i just had and starting a new for the new week coming up.

Jean O.
i brush my teeth, and my hair. Then i put deodorant on and also lip balm along with lip scrub. Also i moisture my face and at night i will use a serum. Also i use my jade roller which is normally cold along with lotion. finally most of the time I will put mascara on and sometimes lipstick

Noemi N.
I started a very easy face skincare routine with only 3 products that is long enough to feel that I care about myself but short enough to be accommodated into any day, including the busy ones

Mika N.
The first thing I do is straight in my hair, then curl and put mascara on my eyelashes , Then put some blush on, then lastly brush my teeth and put perfume on

Bethan P.
I moisturise my face. Apply hand cream. Baseline to my lips. Put castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes to encourage strength and growth.

Emma Y.
A short routine for when I'm not really feeling energetic is a messy bun, brush my teeth wash my face and moisturise. Sometimes just doing that can make me feel fresher and want to do more.

Lana Q.
For my morning skincare routine :
– clean two times
– serum and eye cream
– hydrating cream

For my night skincare routine :
– clean two times
– serum and eye cream
– hydrating cream

And then do my hair

Carl Z.
I start my day off by brushing my teeth, wash my face and then brush my hair. Currently I’m just using cetaphil for a face cleanser and jojoba oil for moisturizer. Keep it simple 🙂

Irma E.
Grooming for me means showering (one in one of them), moisturizing, putting on a fresh outfit, and just basically taking care of yourself

William F.
I like to wash my face with a nice gentle cleanser, and to exfoliate from time to time. Next, a pat dry, and a good moisturizer. Sometimes, I use essential oils with my moisturizer for an extra lift.

Mylan Y.
Hey! For grooming I just moisturise my face with this hydration and deageing cream (tell me if you want the name) and I just chap my lips with chapstick and then baby cream over it cause I don’t have to much skin care or stuff like that and I brush my teeth every day I never used to do that but now I do

Brooklyn C.
everyday as a must, i brush my teeth, brush/style my hair, wash my face, and put on some chapstick. some days if i feel like it i just do some mascara. i shower everynight do to sports, so i dont include it because it is in a difderent routine

Hristiana I.
Wash my face , and start putting some scar creams on my face . I have bad habit of picking my skin and pimples sometimes,so i try fix in my scars and wounds as fast as i can in the mornings and before bed

Afonso Q.
I wake up, take my pills and then I go to the bathroom. I brush my hair and put it up in a bun. A little moisterizer and SPF and I am done

Peyton N.
What I do is wash my face everyday with ceraVE with lukewarm water and you need to do this morning and night. I then put moisturizer on for night (same brand)

Kjersti S.
The minimum grooming routine in the morning is #1: brushing my teeth #2: splashing water in my face, and #3: make sure my hands and nails are clean. Thats the minimum minimum on a day that im not doing much.
If i were to go to work or meet some friends, i would also add a very quick shower, cleansing and moisturizing before a simple make up of a light foundation, rouge, mascara and lip balm. The hair usually in a messy but cute bun.

In the evening the minimum is washing off my face, moisturize and brushing my teeth.

Emma S.
I have a morning and evening skincare routine, so in the morning my minimum is to apply a moisturizer and a sunscreen. I may follow this with doing my makeup, but not required.

Riyo X.
I wash my face thrice a day and thoroughly brush my hair. That's my basic everyday grooming routine. Sometimes I use oil on my hair for nourishment.

Destiny W.
Well,I first of course brush my teeth and face,some days i do skin care and no makeup but some i do makeup.And then i do my hair 🙂

Magarete Y.
I treat everyday like I'm going to work, even if I'm staying home. I wake up, get dressed, do my hair, and brush my teeth (this one I wait until after coffee). I do my best not to stay in pajamas or lounge clothes all day because I have experienced a difference in how I treat the day based on how I prepare for it.

L Ane N.
I groom myself by brushing my hair, toning my face before I shower, lotioning after I shower, and then putting the needed products for my hair!! Before or after :>>

Ella X.
My grooming routine includes washing my face, applying a vitamin c serum, and follow with moisturizer and a lot of sunscreen. After the sunscreen dries (15mins) I apply a light amount of make up. Blush, bronzer, brows.
After my face routine I will then brush my hair and apply any dry shampoo if needed.
Deodorant and body fragrance are last.

Lottie N.
DEFINITELY brush your hair ! And put-face masks/moisturiser/lip balm/ and all that sort of stuff!
Also wash your hands/face- and anything else you have !

Htet N.
Especially, I made up my hair for good looking start from morning. and I have check my uniform is untidy or not before i go to work, my pocket pens, name plate, btw i works at airport for an air cargo agent, always.It's make me more confident and helpful for all day when i have slove the problem.

Meghan N.
Right now I’m trying to start the habit of taking care of myself so I’m starting small with just washing my face. My goal is to add and develop a nicer/fuller skin care routine as time goes on!

H Lo Se Q.
Personally, I like to do my skincare routine, brush my teeth and I brush my hair. Then I put on my clothes and if I feel like doing it I do a light makeup.

Kirk U.
Hi, in the evening I put oils in my hair and braid it up tightly. So in the morning when I feel like grooming I unty my hair and a bunch of beautiful curls come out. It creates volume and a emediate change in look and representation. I love how it looks, feels and changes my mood.

Pham G.
I brush my teeth, wash my face, put some cream on and put moms cream for pimples, then i either wash my hair or just groom it

Emily N.
Short Grooming Routine
I must shower everyday and 4/5 days a week wash my hair with special shampoo.
I try to drink water every day
I need to have my bedroom floor clean before I go to bed most days
I aim to clean my earrings everyday