What does your grooming session look like?

Nisara G.
My grooming starts with shower, wash my face, put cream on my body, then my face. I also use this Session to massage my face.
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Janna Y.
For me, it’s taking the time to do things for myself when I’m tired instead of falling right asleep. These include washing my face and moisturizing followed by using a jade roller and then flossing/brushing.

Mari E.
After the mandatory teeth care(Brush and Floss), I choose how I want to look everyday. But the steps are simple. Brush my hair out and style however I want. My usual is a tight bun. Then I decide if I want to do my makeup. Then what level. Eyes only, light contour, or full face. All in all depending on my choices along the way I schedule out about 10-30 min to get these done. Then I feel my best knowing I did exactly as I wanted and make a conscious note of how I was feeling through the process. Usually all the while I’m hyping myself up with some of my favorite upbeat music!

Zhannat O.
Twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – I make sure to cleanse and moisturize my skin, brush my teeth, and floss.