How do you cope with seborrheic dermatitis?

Andrea Y.
I use the head and shoulders scalp scrub before shampooing, then I use a prescription shampoo for dermititis and psoriasis (but the over the counter ones are great too!) I keep my hair washing to twice a week to not try out my scalp more, and I have the head and shoulders moisturizing serum for damaged scalp in between washes. Finally- I try not to pick and scratch even though it’s so hard!

Chel O.
I'm not sure if that's the condition I have. However, for the eczema on my skin, I mostly try to ignore. For my scalp, I genuinely make an effort to not scratch it and touch it as little as I can. I also use a scalp ointment that is meant to stimulate hair growth, to try and grow back the patches that I've scratched too much in the past. Luckily, I don't have any rashes in my face, so it isn't immediately noticable to other people. However, the flakes coming off my scalp can be noticable as they stick around in my hair. That's why I brush my hair twice a day and do the previously mentioned steps. Still, the flakes are sometimes there and I have to accept that.

Ana Lle Y.
well,1.waking up
2.making my bed
4.working out
5.taking bath
6.skincare routine
8.studying, that's all i do in the morning.

Joshua P.
I am sorry but I dont know what that is but I just wanted to answer so you didn't feel like I was ignoring the question.

Regina C.
Pyrithione zinc. It’s available in bar form, but I found a tube of it as a cleanser and it works beautifully (though still smells unpleasant).

Eduardo Z.
I don’t have much experience with dermatitis but I do have rheumatoid arthritis. All chronic conditions take ongoing management. Make sure your up to date with any new treatment options, surround yourself with a good medical team that can help you, implement a routine that allows time for you to take care of yourself, and do what ever you can to ensure that your mentally in a good space as most chronic conditions will be affected when your stressed or depressed. Also remember that you don’t need to do it alone, reaching out to friends and family is okay, you can find groups online of people going through exactly what you are, and there are professionals you can talk to if your not coping. Having a chronic condition is a journey, you can’t just stop that journey but you can implement things to make it as smooth and as easy as possible.