How do you know your skin type?

Mari E.
I listen to what my skin is telling me.I do a mental check in during my morning routine. Anything tight? Flaky? Red? Oily? Breakouts? General ick feeling? And I use products accordingly. I find products that help my skin in different ways and as naturally as possible. Right now a lot of my routine favorites are from Lush. Everyone is different, and every individual changes based on different combinations of things. Learn to listen to what your body is telling you!
Devi F.
Skin type can change based on your daily habits. Basically everyone skin type is normal. When it changes to dry or oily there are so much factors that makes your skin like now. Whatever it is, be sure to make it healthy.
Hannah F.
The best way to learn your skin type is by some simple research online, as everyone is different. I have combination skin, but for the longest thought that I have dry skin because I have dry areas on my face. Try looking up ( I suggest YouTube so you have a visual example ) “how to find my skin type” or “what skin type am I” and make your skin care choices from there. ❤️
J W.
To find your skin type try: 1. Visit a dermatologist to ask them about skin type, skin care routine, and recommended products, and 2. Do an online search for an answer to this question.
Logan Y.
You know your skin type by using products that are good for you. Some are soothing for you. Some can be rough around the edges. There are little that are just right. Certain soups or bathroom products can be harmless. Depends if you have soft skin or really tough. I know some people can’t use body wash or shampoo. Either they like to be old fashioned or allergic to it. Either way it’s always good to be clean.
Jenna J.
Does your skin get shiny and oil-slick throughout the day? Then you have oily skin. Does your skin get itchy and often have dry patches? Then you have dry skin. Does your skin get oil-slick, but you also have dry patches here and there? Then you have combination skin. Does your skin get red and irritated often? Then you have sensitive skin. Do you have consistent trouble with blemishes and acne? Then you have acne-prone skin. Typically people have a mixture of these types. It’s helpful to know which ones you are because then you can build a skin care routine that works best for you. Hope that helps!