Is ten minutes enough for a proper grooming ?

Pricilla C.
I usually go for 20-30 minutes depending on the situation. But if it’s a kick back and relax kind of day where I’m not going anywhere, 10 minutes is perfect.
Francisco S.
I think , I need 15-20minutes to take a shower.. I need to wash my face, brush my teeth and scrub my body, so it takes long time
Simon T.
This is very subjective – everyone has a different grooming ritual. For me it's enough to wash my face, apply serums and put my hair up.
Lora A.
Depends on what grooming means to you. To me it's washing my face, putting moisturizer on face, body if needed, hands, feet too when they get dry. I do it as a part of my night time routine, after I've showered and am getting ready for bed.
Nikki Z.
I don’t think so. I like to take my time and savor my getting ready experience. I think if you had to, you cab make it work but no one likes to rush.
Ben N.
It really depends on what's included in your grooming routine.

But know that however long it takes initially, you'll get more comfortable and efficient with it over time. Getting it down to 10-15 minutes is definitely doable.

M C.
10 minutes is enough for the basics. And by basics I mean get dressed, brush your hair, wash your face and hands, put on lotion and/or serums and sunscreen, brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Flossing adds two minutes to that and a shower adds anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to do your hair or add makeup, then that can add anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to it.
Jessica U.
I do think it is enough. I have been doing the 10mins for a few days now. Usually I am able to get dressed, brush my teeth, comb my hair and wash my hands. I still have a few minutes left over to style and for makeup.
Lex N.
It’s proper if you’re doing your day to day/work from home. I feel like you need a little more time if you were heading to a bigger event.
Mildred Q.
Not really, if your grooming means makeup and proper pampering then no but if it’s the simple bath and dressing up to look neat then yes
Fiona E.
I think that you need some extra time to get fully groomed. Take a shower, brush your teeth, was your face, take care of your hair and scin, put on comfortable clothes and hydrate, that's what i call grooming. 25 minutes should be enough for all these to fully relax and put yourself to sleep.
Travis Q.
That depends. For instance, if you have long hair, a beard, etc. it will take longer than if you have short hair, no beard or facial hair and low maintenance skin. For me, I have long hair, and slightly high maintenance skin so 10 minutes is good. A completely proper grooming could be anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on who you are.
Nely Z.
I think yes but I have short hair and my makeup is very easy to put on. After the shower I can be out the door in 10 minutes- the time isn't important its important to feel like you did whatever you wanted to to get ready.
Lola G.
I guess the question really is could mean me rushing my hair brushing my teeth but if the other on before I leave for work because I take a shower next for. Or a new shop in the morning to do the night. So just because it doesn't mean that microwave. It could be that I don't rush my teeth enough and I can use this specific time for an additional time to brush my teeth. some people might think it means take a shower only or mainly take a shower.
L Sma F.
Yes, I think so. It doesnt have to be a crazy long all body including procedures, just something nice you can do that you usually dont. I do extra hair combing, work creme on and in my feet etc. Go for a short shower when I feel even a little off fresh. You can do it! 🙂
Michael Q.
It depends on what You considered to be grooming. For something basic and daily, hair teeth facial hair, I'd say probably be closer to 15 minutes for me. Just for myself to look presentable after a shower, and of course if you don't count the shower itself.

though if you don't have facial hair I think you can get away with 10 most the time. 5 minutes is spent just to shave, trim, and brush. If I just need to shave everyday I think that would just be a minute.

Kunther A.
depends on your grooming routine. mine usually involves washing my face and brushing my teeth, which should only take about ten minutes, but to be honest, I don't really follow the time suggestions for my habits. I just let myself take the time it takes
Malthe F.
Depends on how you do it and what exactly you do. For example, I only wash my face and brush my teeth and refresh my curls. So, it doesn't take me that long, but if I do my makeup too, it takes a bit longer.
Sandra F.
They extending that a bit. Allow yourself to take time to groom yourself. Enjoy a long shower, use your favourite creams etc. Dont rush. Enjoy it and take the time to focus on yourself
Sarah N.
I don’t think there has to be a time limit to it. As long as you do whatever you need to do to get yourself cleaned up, feeling fresh (inside and out), and get all the basics done (brush teeth, clean yourself, and groom your hair) then I think it should take you however long it takes you. The time shouldn’t matter.
L On Y.
Does 10 minutes feel enough for you? Give yourself however much time feels right for you. Its a gift for yourself. For me, I use my grooming time to simply cleanse my face before bed. Its a simple act that carries great meaning and lots of benefits. It doesn't fill up 10 minutes, but it feels great to receive the gift of a freshly washed face from myself before I head into sleep. Much love to you xx
Ali S.
I think it’s really dependant on the person. I know personally 10 minutes just isn’t long enough. I never like to base things on time restrictions anyway, how long it takes is how long it takes. I try to give myself enough leave way in the morning that if my shower, make up, hair and skin routine are usually 25 minutes I allow myself enough time say 15 minutes more to not be late. The most important part for me is that morning pep talk in the mirror. It’s the process of getting ready, feeling confident in what you wear and in your own skin. Liking how you wear your hair, appreciating how well your eye liner looks. It’s the little things that all add up. And if I’m feeling down and need an extra 10 minutes to do my make up a little slower and look myself in the eye and say ‘come on you’ve got this’ to yourself then so be it!
Casey X.
To be honest I struggle with just 10minutes it often turns into just under 20. What I aim for is to get energized about it. Focussed on all that I want to do because I feel it is important. Wash my hands, clean my face and all the right places, brush my teeth, get my lotions to do their work, get dressed, do my hair, put on some make up if I feel like it. Clean up and go down to start the day. Just getting dressed takes about 5minutes so 10 is really cutting it short but its a friend going "hey girl, you bout ready? You got stuff planned lets go."

But not to stress you, to motivate you and to remind you of all the next things you get to do to help you enjoy, grow, act, help, love, add, live life really! So,

Are you ready? Lets goo!
YOU look great anyway!!

All the best,