What do you do when you don’t have the motivation to shower/clean yourself up?

Ambry P.
As it was put to me: do what you can. Can’t handle a whole bath or shower? Dry shampoo (If you have it), wet a rag, and quick wipe down. Can’t do whole body? Wipe down your face and underarms. You’ll feel better immediately from that and feel better since you accomplished Something. Baby steps!
Maddi U.
Man I’ve struggled with this MANY times before. It’s very hard to get a hang of especially when it wasn’t enforced growing up. What I like to do is make the shower a reward. Like many of us showering doesn’t feel like a huge need if you haven’t been doing anything or you haven’t really went anywhere and etc. BUT to eliminate BOTH of those problems I make it a duty to get out of the house in the morning with a simple stroll around the neighborhood and when I get home I’m so sweaty and grimy that it’s only right that I shower before I lay back in bed or do anything else for that matter. Though we don’t take showers everyday there does come a time every blue moon (I hope you can agree) where we’re like okay 🖐🏾🤚🏾I’ve had enough. A shower reward is my equivalent to that Okay I’ve had enough moment. Me, I’ve had enough of being down and depressed in my room EVERY SINGLE DAY 🥱 and I definitely had enough of being dirty in my bed. I hope I helped bc I definitely understand 🙂