What are some songs to wash your hands to that AREN’T “Happy Birthday” or “Baby Shark”?

Sharon E.
Hahahha I don't think I've ever heard of washing your hands to specific songs but that sounds like fun, you could probably chose any song really, just make sure you listen to it all the way through. I recommend just making yourself a fun, upbeat playlist. But if you do want a simple song, you could never go wrong with the alphabet! I hope this helps, have a wonderful day! <3
Rico N.
I make mine up. They’re silly but accurate and would work for s as my child. I’m sure lots of parents are doing the same thing around the world. But I’m just doing it for my dog.
Cecilie W.
I’m happy by Pharrell, lovely day by bill withers, don’t worry, be happy by Bobby mcferrin and whatever your favorite song is!
Casandra E.
I learned this at the daycare I work at..
“Tops and bottoms
Tops and bottoms
In between
In between
Wash em all around
Nice and clean
Nice and clean