How do I stay on top of getting laundry done?

Oraldina N.
Good question. Sometimes i struggle with this one myself. But remebering it will do myself good as well as the others in the house, it becomes easyer.
Damla G.
Remember that putting the dirty clothes into the washing machine takes 3 minutes and running the macchine is 3 minutes more. You can get it done in 6 minutes and that's all for the start point. If it's too much trouble, you don't even have to dry them or hang them to dry immediately. You can just empty the washing machine and hang the clothes the next day, it would take 6 minutes. Then the next day you can take the dry clothes and fold them for 6 minutes. The next day you can place them into drawers and closet, again, takes 6 minutes. So you just have to spare 6 minutes per day and that's all..