Do you wear sunscreen every day?

Matthieu E.
Actually, I do not. I am mostly in doors all day so I don't really need it. Plus most lotions and sunscreen make my skin feel sticky and/or itchy.

Patrick U.
I know it is a bad habit but honestly, no. But when I know I am going to be out in the sun I make sure I do. So if you love the sun and going outdoors, then I would definitely incorporate this into your morning skincare routine.

Ingolf X.
No, but when I am leaving the house I try to remember. I know it is important to take care of your skin and protect it from the sun!

Magdalena R.
I wear sunscreen for outdoor sports during the day on the weekends. I don’t wear sunscreen to the office or for exercising outdoors at dawn or dusk before or after work as it’s just not necessary.

Annie G.
Yes it's no harm in wearing it on the other hand it protects our skin from uv rays so yeah! In my opinion you can wear it everyday.

Francoise E.
Yes I use spf moisturizer. I put it on about 30 minutes after my moisturizing routine and then put my makeup on over it.

Janette F.
Yes. I just started doing wearing sunscreen everyday and reapplying it once a day this past June. I'm 37 years old and I regret not doing it sooner, but I'm going to keep doing it now!

Benjamin A.
I dont put sunscreen every time i go out. If the 🔥 heat is bearble i dont put. But now due to the pandemic we cant go out.

Natasha G.
Sometimes I don't want to wear it, cause of the smell and texture so I get face makeup with sun screen in it. The spray is easier to put on, but you do occasionally miss spots. So you still might have exposed places. I prefer wearing hats on sunny days and glasses. It's done okay so far.

Olivia U.
When I know I will be outside yes, because of quarantine I haven’t been outside so I just use my regular moisturizer. When I do know that I will be outside I use a sunscreen moisturizer combination on my face but not really anything on my body

Troy U.
Hmm, I don't, Mostly because I don't go outside much, and Frankly I don't really need because of my skin color, in my opinion.

Kady Z.
I don't wear sunscreen at all. I would like to but I can't find a sunscreen that won't leave a white cast on me since I'm a person of color. I will see if I can order one, however in my island it is very difficult.

Carla N.
Yes! I use 30Spf year long, including cloudy days and winter. Even if it’s not sunny and you’re indoors, UV rays get to you. This is quite an early anti-aging habit as sun exposure is the main cause of premature wrinkles. I wear 50spf when I know I’ll be under the sun for a prolonged period of time in the summer

Joy I.
No, I don't. I don't go out much because I'm quarantining at home, but even when I do get outside I rarely use it because I don't get sunburned. I should though! Dark skin doesn't protect against UV and skin cancer risk.