Should I or do you wash your hair every day?

Marion W.
I don’t believe you should wash your hair everyday only because it has been proven that if you wash your hair everyday, you’re getting rid of essential oils on your scalp that you need. Most of us when we grew up were told to wash our hair everyday, so our scalps have been used to getting stripped dry if it’s natural oils since we were pretty young; so trying to start a new routine may seem like you’re producing more oils than normal. This is only because your scalp is quite literally freaking out and doesn’t know what to do about it; it’s in shock if you will. I wash my hair twice a week, once about mid-week and I just wash with shampoo and conditioner. And the other wash day near the weekend or even closer to Monday to wash more in depth with shampoo, and a deep conditioner with a shower cap to really help my scalp produce the right oils to keep my hair healthy and to grow longer in the long run. I hope this helps at all with your answer! But washing your hair everyday will strip your scalp’s natural oils and cause some major hair damage you probably didn’t think of.

Angelina C.
It depends on whether your hair/scalp has a tendency be oily or dry. If it’s oily you want to wash once a day or every other day, and use dry shampoo the day you don’t wash it. If it’s dry, just see when it starts getting dirty – you don’t want to wait too long though. Every other day or every three days for dry hair should be fine.

Judy U.
I don't because I think thr hair needs its natural oils and sometimes shampoo and the salt in the water might damaged it

Enoque Q.
It really depends on your personal hair texture and level of scalp oil production. There are people whose hair gets incredibly oily if they don't wash their hair everyday, but there are also many people who can go up to 4 days before their hair starts to get greasy. Basically, find what works for you. There's no moral imperative to wash your hair every day.

Elena O.
I wash my hair three times a week now. Some weeks ago sometimes I washed it also just once a week, both because I didn't have much time and I am in quarantine so nobody can see if my hair are a bit dirty, and because I thought that not washing my hair would have damaged it less. But last week my mother bought me some products for my hair (because I have some problems with it, I call them TTM…) and they should make my hair feel better and healthier, I suppose. So I started washing three times a week, as the boxes of the products say. I hope my hair will be better. I hope I will be better soon.