What does your grooming routine include?

Danielle C.
Anything that helps me feel good about myself. I don't shower every day but I will get myself presentable and confident.
Diana O.
Clean teeth. Body: dry brush for legs and stomach before shower, shower with castile soap, then oil or cream. Face: removing makeup and cleaning with hydrophilic oil, then optional – essence with vitamin C and moisturizer.
Mellie E.
Morning: wash face, brush teeth, comb hair.
Evening: wash face, brush teeth

I don't shower every day, usually 4 or 5 days a week except in the summer when I need to every day. So showering isn't part of my daily routine. But I will wash my face in the shower. So the routine is as short as 10min or as long as 40min.

Leah J.
Depends on the day always a shower but I don't always wash my hair. Always curl or straighten my hair and put quick makeup on unless it's special and I'll take more time with my makeup