What do you do to pamper and groom yourself?

Lenia X.
I do something that makes me feel confident, for example I go shopping and buy something beautiful for me or I style my hair

Kely P.
brish my hair wash my face lip balm oil remover paper if makeup then eye roller maybe mascara um highlighter always lip gloss and

Hector Z.
Nails done hair done buy myself donenrs talk nice to myself tell muosja I love her everyday keep people who care about me around to remind me I have a purpose

Kyle J.
Depending on what the day will be, I might do more. But on a typical work morning I will do a simple skin care routine, with an spf moisturizer and then style my hair very quickly. Low maintenance with health as my priority.

Yazmin F.
Order a nice coffee and hit the Salon for a mini service. Take a nap and sit in my favorite corner of the house. Tidy up a bit to make me feel more at ease. Cook and eat a favorite dish or dessert. Hit the shower or bath and take my time to do things I normally can't do on a busy day. Example: exfoliate, shave, use a deep conditioner, let a hair treatment sit and penetrate to condition.

Sophie N.
I love to give myself spa days! This is a favourite time of the week. I run the bath, use essential oils and salts. I lay down, listen to soothing music and drink a cup of tea. I apply a hair mask and use body scrub. Afterwards, I do my nails!

Anna G.
I try to care about my skin, make it glow and being hydrated. I choose one accessory or one clothing that I really love and create an outfit around it, that be a perfect match for it. I play my favorite songs and dance and sinr while I do all of this.

Pius O.
I brush my teeth, wash my face, put on moisturizer, put in my contacts, brush my hair and eyebrows, curl my eyelashes, put on lip balm, and change into an outfit.

Leslie Q.
For my evening grooming routine, I wash my face, mist with toner, serum, brow growth serum and night cream then floss, brush and apply a lip balm while listening to music. To go extra and pamper myself, I’ll gua sha my face and foam roll or Thera gun my muscles.

Christopher Y.
I actually do a home spa day every week where I exfoliate deep, do a pedicure, use face mask. For everyday I moisturize my skin with a cocoa scented lotion, massage my scalp with a bit of hot coconut oil and do a protective hairstyle, I do that each night and it really helps relaxing

Daniel P.
Alone time… specifically going outside by myself. Normally I am multitasking like crazy and my brain doesn’t stop. Taking my eyes off of my routine and breathing some fresh air makes me feel like a new person!

Susanne S.
I have a bath or shower and then take time to get myself ready. Maybe straighten my hair or curl it and put my makeup on. Sometimes I might use a face mask and relax for a bit.

Virginie K.
I like to do face masks, scrubs, sometimes from the shop sometimes the ones I make myself, have a good relaxing bath with candles and nice music, do hair masks too feel nice. After I put some patches on my face then rinceand put cream. It feels relaxing and I feel refreshed

Enola Z.
First, I make sure that my hair is dry but still a bot moist. Then I use my fingers to untangle my hair as much as I can. Then, I seperate my hair into 2 or more parts. I then start combing from the tip to the root of hair. Everybody's hair is different so you may have to adjust.

Sarah Z.
I like doing shower after I workout because I think it’s the most beautiful way to improve our hygiene and I’m always happy after I have shower.

Cassandra O.
I usually do normal hygiene, such as: brush my teeth/hair, deodorant, body cream, clean ears.

Then I do my hair and make-up because it helps with my confidence!✨

I also like to paint my nails sometimes 💅🏻 small activities like these really help brighten the day, as well.

Vit Ria Z.
Think at the results ure gonna get pampering ur self. To put the focus on u it's the priority of the moment and its gonna make u feel better and proud of ur self! Just practise the self-care and love ur self!

Philip O.
I have self care day I take time for myself. I do a face mask, read, long bath with bath bombs and I curl my hair and get dressed up!

Alma A.
Practice basic skincare. A minimal skincare routine will take you about 5 min per time, ideally 3 times a day. In the morning, clean your face, apply mosturizer then a good spf30 or more suncreen. After lunch you can hydrate with a soothinf mist and reapply your suncreen. In the evening, clean your face with micellar water and a cleanser to get rid of the suncreen and pollution. Apply mosturizer and you're done! Good night.

Rafaela E.
Change my clothes, refresh my curly hair, put on some facial crem, when I feel necessity and, when I want and have time, I put on a very light makeup.

Enrique Z.
I do my skin care which means washing my face and applying cleanser. I also do my make up or wash it off which usually takes 5 minutes. I change in either my pjs or cloths for the day.

T G.
Yes of course. I pamper and groom myself everyday. It make me feel clean and relax because when i feel clean i think i reduce all of problems in all my day.

Irmtraud C.
With an exception on works days I try to take a few looks at a mirror every now and then to self check. It's not vanity if your checking to see how your skin is doing, especially undereye skin. For me is the first sign that I either need more sleep or to moisturize more often. Second I wash my face morning and night. It helps gets rid of all the dead skins cells that can cause havoc on my sensitive skin. Days off I can do a quick splash of cold water on my face midday to refresh. I don't usually have time to get a haircut so I learned while I was young how to do a quick trim with my long hair from watching a reputable tutorial. It's keeps the end of my hair from becoming dull and split.

Courtney O.
1. Bath or Shower
2. Floss, Brush, Rinse
3. Wash Face & Moisturize w/ Coconut Oil (during the day, I use sunscreen too to combat aging and skin damage)
4. Brush My Hair Out
5. Blow Yourself a Kiss in the Mirror!!! 😘

Lorenzo Z.
usually to pamper myself I take a hot shower, to relax all the muscles, after which I move on to cleaning the face, skin and ears, concluding with a splash of deodorant to dry the sweat of the day to come.

Cassandra O.
I make sure to do something with my hair & put some make-up on to leave myself feeling confident and great the rest of the day💄😶‍🌫️

Megan C.
I like to use moisturizer or lotion, something that smells good and soothes my itchy skin. I also zoom in and zoom out, so zooming in to something insignificant like a snipping some loose ends or dusting a small surface, then zooming out to show myself pride in and gratitude for who I am and what I have.

Desiree N.
I start off by washing my face doing a face routine and then i’ll brush my teeth and then hop in the shower using some good ole smellin good lol n i’ll dry lotion my body n i’ll chill n relax n hydrate my body ✨

Ladislaus O.
Depending on the day, I would take a bath/shower and do skincare. (Cetaphil foaming cleanser, toner, lotion, sunscreen.) On other days I would play my favorite video game. (Pampering doesn't always mean a complicated routine)

Louison E.
I wear sleep protection for my curls and give myself some time in the morning for my hair to settle, reform my hair and add oils if needed.