What do you do to pamper and groom yourself?

Yazmin F.
Order a nice coffee and hit the Salon for a mini service. Take a nap and sit in my favorite corner of the house. Tidy up a bit to make me feel more at ease. Cook and eat a favorite dish or dessert. Hit the shower or bath and take my time to do things I normally can't do on a busy day. Example: exfoliate, shave, use a deep conditioner, let a hair treatment sit and penetrate to condition.

Daniel P.
Alone time… specifically going outside by myself. Normally I am multitasking like crazy and my brain doesn’t stop. Taking my eyes off of my routine and breathing some fresh air makes me feel like a new person!

Alma A.
Practice basic skincare. A minimal skincare routine will take you about 5 min per time, ideally 3 times a day. In the morning, clean your face, apply mosturizer then a good spf30 or more suncreen. After lunch you can hydrate with a soothinf mist and reapply your suncreen. In the evening, clean your face with micellar water and a cleanser to get rid of the suncreen and pollution. Apply mosturizer and you're done! Good night.

T G.
Yes of course. I pamper and groom myself everyday. It make me feel clean and relax because when i feel clean i think i reduce all of problems in all my day.

Courtney O.
1. Bath or Shower
2. Floss, Brush, Rinse
3. Wash Face & Moisturize w/ Coconut Oil (during the day, I use sunscreen too to combat aging and skin damage)
4. Brush My Hair Out
5. Blow Yourself a Kiss in the Mirror!!! 😘

Megan C.
I like to use moisturizer or lotion, something that smells good and soothes my itchy skin. I also zoom in and zoom out, so zooming in to something insignificant like a snipping some loose ends or dusting a small surface, then zooming out to show myself pride in and gratitude for who I am and what I have.

Christopher Y.
I actually do a home spa day every week where I exfoliate deep, do a pedicure, use face mask. For everyday I moisturize my skin with a cocoa scented lotion, massage my scalp with a bit of hot coconut oil and do a protective hairstyle, I do that each night and it really helps relaxing

Cassandra O.
I usually do normal hygiene, such as: brush my teeth/hair, deodorant, body cream, clean ears.

Then I do my hair and make-up because it helps with my confidence!✨

I also like to paint my nails sometimes 💅🏻 small activities like these really help brighten the day, as well.