What grooming habits make you feel more confident?

Alfred R.
Cleaning my face and making sure that I have made time for my self makes a big different in my confident. At the same time it makes me calm and I feel more collected before I go to sleep after I spendt time on my self, just for me.

Tim O.
I like to brush my hair and teeth, I feel that’s one step closer to having a great day as well at washing my face. After that you feel clean and ready for what the day throws at you.😊

Brooklyn U.
Using a fragrance adds a flare of confidence and excitement, also making sure your teeth are straight and white so your never afraid to smile, but ultimately all you need to do is have good hygiene.

Jessi J.
Picking out a nice outfit with cute socks cute shoes taking a hot shower make sure my face is fresh putting on makeup brushing my teeth putting on jewelry doing my hair presenting my best self to the world makes me feel powerful.