Do you do any extra grooming in the morning and evening apart from brushing teeth, flossing, washing face and applying cream?

Liberty Z.
For me, yes. I have several extra products I use on my skin in the morning and at night to give my skin the balance it needs to look well cared for. Looking like a greasy puddle in the middle of the day is never ideal, so a toner and a serum or two were also incorporated into my routine. I also have a personal self care routine for after I shower that typically consists of my hair getting braided and lots of lotions are involved. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what makes you feel Fabulous. Maybe you need to do more than me to feel that way, maybe less. Do what's best for you! And do it fabulously!
Reneezing N.
Well I also put on skin care products and make up.

I have tried, unsuccessfully to incorporate. It’s care after a shower like baby oil on my skin daily. But I just can’t seem to get a routine down on shift work. I am now going for .

I also take my meds religiously lol

And feed the kitties

Mathias U.
Yes, checking off the task is gratifying. Since I work from home, rarely leave the house to run errands this past year… checking off each task is quite gratifying.