Any good skincare routine things I can use?

Kimberly O.
I would say that the most important place to start is research. If your skin is more oily or dry than average, you might need a certain type of product. If you have particularly stubborn acne, see if you can visit a dermatologist. Personally, my "things" are not that extravagant – medicine from my dermatologist and washing twice daily with a face wash that contains benzol peroxide (a common ingredient in most face washes). I'm also supposed to apply some lotion to keep the skin moist, but I usually forget. Finally, I learned from my family to use a clean towel when drying my face after washing.
D Azhane P.
A rule that i live my is the 60second rule. You can use any cleanser/exfoliant you have and massage it into your faces with clean hands for at least a minute. This allows the product to sit on your face long enough to actually work.